Missing some old favourites? Last orders are here!

Don't miss out on our limited run of Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper!

Fans of our Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper will be sad to hear that we are discontinuing our handwash, hand lotion, body wash and body lotion. This means that very soon you won't be able to find these products on our site. In fact, you may have noticed that most of these products have already disappeared.

We've now completely run out of most of these discontinued products, which usually means we won't be making any more. However, the phone has been ringing off the hook with people asking where they can buy them. We've also had shops that stock Heyland and Whittle trying to get their hands on more of these gorgeous products.

While we aren't going to be bringing them back permanently, we are giving you a chance to stock up on the Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper handwash and lotion. This means that this could be your last chance to enjoy these products.

A limited run of these two products will be available for a short time, so long as enough people are interested in buying them. Depending on how many people want to pick up one of both of these products, we're hoping to have them in the post by Christmas or New Year.

We're giving you a chance to stock up on the Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper

All you need to do if you want us to get on with making the handwash and hand lotion is pop your name and email address down on our petition here. When we've got enough names on the list, we'll email you letting you know where you can order them and how long you have until the offer ends.

Then all you have to is order as many bottles as you want, just remember that this will be your last chance!

To enjoy our Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper hand products one last time register your interest here