How to look after your hands in cold weather

Hand care is important for the autumn and winter months

The start of September may bring with it the last rays of summer sunshine, but the weather is likely to take a turn for the worst toward the end of the month. This means you should start getting ready for it now.

Not only does this mean getting your autumn and winter wardrobe at the ready, it also means you should be ready to look after your skin. While overall skin care is important no matter the season, your hands are usually badly affected by the cold and wet weather.

To help avoid uncomfortable dry skin and keep your hands looking and feeling great, here are our five top tips for hand care this autumn:

Use moisturising soap

Strong soaps without any moisturising ingredients may clean your hands, but they can remove too many natural oils from your hands. This can leave them feeling dry after washing, which can worsen throughout the day.

Using a moisturising soap will help to keep your hands clean, soft and smooth. Our Queen of the Nile soap is a great option as it contains cocoa butter and goat's milk for extra moisturisation, as well as a range of beautiful base oils.  moisturisation, as well as a range of beautiful base oils.  

Keep water warm, not hot

When washing your hands, you should make sure that water is warm rather than hot. Extreme temperatures can actually dry your skin as they strip it of natural oils. 

Using a moisturising soap will help to keep your hands clean, soft and smooth

Instead, keep water just warm instead, as this will protect your skin.

Moisturise regularly

As well as a moisturising soap, you should use an effective hand lotion every day. A good lotion will help to restore lost moisture as well as protect your skin from losing any further moisture.

You should use your lotion at least once a day, but if you feel like you need to use it more, extra applications are fine. Try our Neroli and Rose Hand Lotion for a subtle scent and great moisturising power.

Stay hydrated

As well as moisture on the outside, you need to provide it on the inside too. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help to provide moisture for skin as well as aid your overall health. 

If the weather is too cold for a chilled glass of water, try a mug of hot water with a squirt of lemon juice for a warming drink that also provides a bit of vitamin C.