Sun seekers: The best ways to keep your tan and protect your skin

Ensure you use high SPF sun cream this summer

No doubt the glorious weather we've had recently has got you thinking about all the things you can do this summer. Whether you use the sunny season as a reason to get active or prefer to lounge around in the sun, it is important to think about your skin.

Exposure to the sun can damage skin and increases your risk of illnesses such as skin cancer. This is why it is vital that you take proper precautions to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, even if the day is overcast.

But how do you look after your skin and still work on your tan? If you want to become a golden god or goddess this summer but still keep your skin healthy, we've got some great tips:

Apply sun cream regularly

You need to reapply sun cream throughout the day in order to ensure your skin is protected at all times, especially if you are going swimming or performing exercise.

Many sun creams don't start protecting your skin for half an hour, so it is a good idea to apply it before you leave the house and before you start to feel like you might be burning.

Higher SPF is always best  

You might think that any SPF is going to keep your skin protected, but this isn't the case. Lower SPFs, such as those below 20, don't keep you protected for long and so require you to reapply them more often.

it is vital that you take proper precautions to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy

You should aim to use SPF 25 and above - 40 and above for children - as this gives you a better level of protection. You'll still get a tan, but the harmful UV rays will have less of an effect on your skin.

Stay moisturised

You should use a sun cream that is moisturising but also a body lotion in the evening to ensure your skin is hydrated.

Our body lotions help to replace moisture that will be lost throughout the day as a result of sun exposure and heat. This helps to soothe the skin if you are unlucky enough to get burned while also prolonging your tan.

Something like our Greentea and Grapefruit Body Lotion is a great choice as it has a lovely refreshing scent and is full of almond oil and vitamin E to moisturise, soothe and heal skin.

Drink plenty of water

You're more likely to get dehydrated in the summer because of the heat, which can affect your skin. You may find that you get more dry patches, which can affect your tan and leave your skin more prone to sun damage.

Avoid this and stay healthy by drinking at least two litres of water every day and avoiding drinks that dehydrate you, such as carbonated soft drinks and caffeinated beverages.