Our newest fragrance: Cafe Latte

Enjoy our new Cafe Latte fragrance from our Home Range

We really can't get enough of spoiling you all with lots of lovely new things, which is why we are happy to announce yet another new fragrance! On top of releasing our new Candles in a Can and Body Scrubs, we've developed the latest scent from our Home Range - Cafe Latte.
This smart fragrance is the perfect pick-me-up if you're a big fan of coffee and will add a wonderful scent to your home. We've combined the smooth and rich notes of espresso for an invigorating touch with a slightly sweet and buttery base to make you feel like you're sitting in your favourite coffee shop.
Wonderfully delicious, this scent is warm and inviting while still being perfectly sophisticated. It is the ultimate choice if you want to enjoy the smell of freshly brewed coffee all day long and not just first thing in the morning.
You can enjoy the fragrance as a candle - with it coming in both a tin and glass - or a reed diffuser; we even have a diffuser refill available. This means your diffuser can offer an all-day scent, while the candle is perfect for a burst of espresso fragrance whenever you need it. 
To mirror the chic smell of our Cafe Latte scent, we've kept the packaging stylish and simple, using a rich brown colour on our stylish and iconic labels. For the first time ever, we've even included coloured reeds with the diffuser for a really elegant touch that makes a simple statement. 
We're in love with our latest Cafe Latte fragrance and are sure you will be too!
Don't forget, this isn't the only caffeine-inspired scent available from Heyland and Whittle, as you can also enjoy Earl Grey from our Home range for delicate, citrus notes. We also have Vanilla Cappuccino and Fine English Tea from our H&W London collection. All of these are sure to give you a great boost to get through the day while also filling your home with beautiful fragrance.

We are happy to announce yet another new fragrance!

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