Enjoy the sweet smell of rewards with Heyland and Whittle’s new loyalty card

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Here at Heyland and Whittle we love to reward our most devoted customers, which is why we’re launching a new loyalty card. The Loyalty Circle Rewards Programme allows our clientele to earn points that can be redeemed against further purchases.

What’s even better is that these points can be used alongside other offers for maximum effect. For every £1 you spend, a point will be added to your card and once you've amassed 75 points, you'll be able to start redeeming them.

Add a sweet scent to your home

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So, what will 75 Heyland and Whittle points get you?

You’ll get £5 off your next item with your 75 Heyland and Whittle points. That could be a decadent Clementine and Prosecco Candle in a Glass as a treat for yourself or a Soap Collection Gift Box as an early Christmas present. If you’re not sure what to put it towards, then peruse our range of Luxury Soaps and Home Fragrances.

We will be running special weekends throughout the year when there will be a chance to earn double or even triple the number of points. Just signing up for a Loyalty Circle Rewards Card will give you the opportunity to win free gifts and exclusive prizes.

Relax with your candles

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There are six simple steps to the programme:

The Loyalty Circle Rewards Programme allows our clientele to earn points that can be redeemed against further purchases

1.       If you are a new customer, register with Heyland and Whittle. If you are already a member, jump straight to step two.

2.       Heyland and Whittle account holders will be automatically enrolled in the rewards scheme.

3.       Peruse our website and fill your basket with Handmade Soaps, Reed Diffusers and Candles.

4.       Your Heyland and Whittle points will accumulate with every purchase.

5.       Check your balance and start daydreaming about which items you want to spend your points on.

6.       Redeem your points and start the process again, earning rewards as you buy some of your favourite products.

Collect a minimum of 75 reward points before you can redeem them. 75 points equals to £5 off your next order. If you are not already a Heyland & Whittle customer, sign up today and start collecting points.

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