It pays to be prepared: How to start getting ready for Christmas now

Be ready for Christmas by preparing early

You may not want to think about it, but Christmas really is just around the corner. There may be a few months to go before December 25th, but time will soon fly, which is why it pays to start preparing now.

This doesn't mean you need to start decorating the tree, but getting your gifts ready can help relieve a lot of stress and save you money.

Here are some ways we get prepared for Christmas that could help you avoid the December rush:

Who are you buying for?

Starting by making a list of who you have to buy for will help you know exactly how many gifts you need to get. While the chances are someone will be forgotten, if you've worked your way through the list by the time Christmas rolls around, it shouldn't cause much of a panic.

Set a budget

Once you have the number of gifts worked out, you need to set a realistic budget. This means deciding on an overall budget that you can afford as well as splitting this between each person on the list.

This doesn't mean you have to spend the entire budget set for each gift, as some things may be cheaper than you thought, but you shouldn't go over your budget as you'll need to take the money from somewhere else.

Plan what you want to buy

Starting by making a list of who you have to buy for will help you know exactly how many gifts you need to get

Rather than just buying anything that fits with the budget for each person, think about what they will want. The best gifts come from the heart so have a think about what they will want to open on the day, even if it is out of the ordinary.

You can also get gifts that you think people should use. For example, if your mum needs to make more time to relax, treat her to a luxury H&W hamper. Just be careful not to insult anyone!

Combine postage and offers

If you can get several gifts from one place, it is a good idea to do this in order to save money on postage and to make the most of any offers. After all, if you can save money on postage by popping another present in your basket or get a three for two offer, it is definitely worth doing.

Buy gifts that will keep until Christmas

Of course, you should also only buy presents now that will keep until Christmas. This will ensure they look and function just as well on the day they are opened as they did when you first bought them.

All of Heyland and Whittle's gifts will keep well so long as they are stored correctly - away from heat sources and in a dry place - ensuring you can give the gift of quality this Christmas.

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