Make the most of the sun: Brighten your home ready for spring

Get your home ready for spring with a brightening clean

As April approaches, we're all able to be thankful that it is finally spring. The weather is starting to get better, the temperatures warmer and the days longer, meaning you can brush off the winter cobwebs and make the most of the season.

While you'll now be able to spend more time out and about, you should also aim to make the most of your home during spring and summer. The chances are that following winter, when you were probably cooped up in your house a lot, there is clutter that needs to be gotten rid of.

It's not called a spring clean for nothing and now is the ideal time to clear out your house and ensure it is ready for you to make the most of the bright and sunny days. Here are some of the easiest ways to brighten your home and bring the sunshine inside:

Clean everything

We don't just mean have your usual clean out, including a bit of dusting and a run around with the vacuum cleaner; we mean literally clean everything.

As well as throwing out any rubbish and unused items that may have accumulated during the winter months, you should aim to give everything a deep clean. This means cupboards, drawers, skirting boards, carpets etc. You should also give your windows a wash inside and out in order to let more light into your home.

This helps to get rid of dust and grime, making your home look, feel and smell a lot better. There's probably areas of your house that you didn't even realise needed a clean or jobs that you didn't know needed doing, so cleaning each room thoroughly can make all the difference.

Have a good wash

It isn't just surfaces that need a clean, dust and dirt can build up on any fabrics in your home, including sofa covers and curtains. There's little point in cleaning all your surfaces if you aren't going to wash your fabrics.

Give anything that can go in the washing machine a good clean to start with. You may find that this makes a huge difference in appearance, with colours becoming more vibrant once the layer of dirt is gone.

Giving your rooms a paint or replacing wallpaper can make all the difference to updating and brightening a room, and can make your home look completely different.

Fabrics that can't go in the washing machine may be suitable for steam cleaning, which can be done very quickly and creates great results. The steam will lift dirt and grime out of fabrics, leaving them fresh and clean once dried.

You should also wash or replace duvets and pillows to remove any allergens that may have accumulated over the winter.

A lick of paint

The chances are, by now your home is looking and feeling much brighter, as all dirt and dust will have been banished and more space created. However, if your decorating is starting to look a bit tired and dated, this can mean all your hard work isn't as easy to notice.

Giving your rooms a paint or replacing wallpaper can make all the difference to updating and brightening a room, and can make your home look completely different. It can also allow you to make the most of the sunshine, as well as introduce more light into a room throughout the winter months.

Tones like cream, yellow, pastel shades and citrus colours can instantly brighten a room, allowing more light to be reflected. However, you also need to get the balance right - after all, a completely yellow room can be a bit much to sit in comfortably. You might find that a neutral colour on the walls is best, especially when coupled with brighter accessories or furniture.

Fresh scent

The way your home smells can also help it to feel brighter and ready for spring, as well as helping it to maintain its clean fragrance.

Placing reed diffusers in the same fragrance or complimenting scents in key areas of your home will ensure it smells as good as it looks. 

Scents like Wild Lemongrass and Greentea and Grapefruit are particularly good choices, with the citrus smells creating a fresh atmosphere that completely mirrors the spring weather. Then you can just sit back and enjoy the sunshine inside your home as well as outside.