Olive and Fig is back by popular demand

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Olive and Fig is not like any other scent. It is neither floral nor accented with citrus notes; it is earthy and therefore unique. When we at Heyland and Whittle discontinued it a few years ago, we didn’t really think anyone would notice, but we were wrong.

Just like Marmite, Olive and Fig divides the crowds, but it turns out that fans of the fragrance are pretty passionate. There was an outcry, with many customers getting in touch to say they adored the scent, so it’s back due to popular demand.

Olive and Fig has always been a firm favourite of co-founder Ursula Heyland, so bringing it back to mark 15 years of Heyland and Whittle feels particularly appropriate. And do not fear if you are part of the loyal fanbase, Olive and Fig is coming back for good, not just a limited time for the anniversary year.

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Be transported to the Mediterranean

The base notes in Olive and Fig are olive and green herbs, filling your home with a fresh scent, which feels like nature is being welcomed indoors. The heart notes of fig and jasmine build on the fragrance and the top notes of green leaf round it out.

Olive and Fig is reminiscent of the Mediterranean and will transport your senses to sun-dappled days on the terrace with a glass of wine. As the Autumn starts to set in, there really couldn’t be much better than this sunny outlook.

Olive and Fig is reminiscent of the Mediterranean and will transport your senses to sun-dappled days on the terrace with a glass of wine


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Part of the Home range

The newly-relaunched Olive and Fig collection can be found in the Home range, which is characterised by its colourful packaging. Look for the distinctive magenta of the Olive and Fig labels to bring this earthy scent into the rooms of your home.

Choose your favourite way to enjoy the scent, whether you prefer to use a Reed Diffuser or a Scented Room Sachet. Alternatively, Heyland and Whittle’s handmade candles bring a little luxury to every occasion.

Made from sustainable soy wax, they burn evenly, filling your space with the fresh, peppery smell of the Mediterranean. Opt for the Candle in a Glass for your living room or bedroom, or a Candle in a Tin if you wish to take Olive and Fig with you when you travel.

If you find that Olive and Fig invigorates you, then hanging up one of the sachets in your car could be a great way to make the commute more enjoyable. Extending the signature scent of home is a wonderful way to put yourself at ease.

To discover the Olive and Fig collection for yourself, click here.