Five people you might forget to buy for this Christmas

Five people you might forget to buy for this Christmas

We might not have 'Black Friday' as an official start to the festive shopping season - at least not to the extent that our American counterparts do - but it's fair to say that most of you will have begun making purchases ahead of December 25th by now.

You've probably drawn up a list to include your nearest and dearest and had lots of ideas about what they might like to receive under the tree this year. But what about those other people who aren't necessarily close friends or family members, yet are individuals you still want to buy for? Have you remembered them?

Nobody likes that feeling of doom as they realise they've not got a gift for someone - so we thought we'd help you out in plenty of time by jogging your memory and making a few suggestions from our own gift selection here at Heyland & Whittle.

Without further ado, here's our top five list of people who might have slipped your mind so far.

1.    Children's teachers

A classic error for parents is forgetting their children's class teachers, only to go in on the last day of term to see their desk heaving under the weight of gifts from other mums and dads.

To avoid the embarrassment, a posh box of chocolate or selection of stationery won't go amiss for those on a budget, but how about a nice oil burner gift set if you'd prefer to treat them a little more? They can light it, sit in a darkened room or the bath - and forget all about that pile of marking they need to do before January 5th.

2.    Neighbours

Neighbours, colleagues and nail technicians - all people who might slip your mind at Christmas.

Some people barely know their neighbours at all, but many of us still enjoy a chat over the fence with those next door. What's more, some of them are so kind that they take in our parcels, rake our leaves because they're doing their own and put the bins out when we've totally forgotten. These gems deserve a little gift, so how about a sweet Exfoliating Sisal Bag filled with soap pieces?

3.    Babysitters, caregivers or sports team/club coaches

It's amazing how much we can rely on these individuals - and how hard they work all year. For babysitters or perhaps grandparents who provide regular childcare, we'd recommend a gift set featuring lavender, the ultimate de-stresser. It's ideal for anyone who needs to wind down after a year of building Lego, pushing swings and running around after the little bundles of energy. Alternatively, if you need a more manly stocking filler for, say, a football coach, try our Oatmeal and Spice soap to do his skin the world of good and let him know he's doing a great job.

4.    Workmates

Lots of us spend more time with our workmates than we do with our own families and everyone has that special colleague who is a confidante, partner in crime and cheerer-upper on those Mondays when you just can't face your to-do list. Don't forget them - make them feel they're appreciated with a little present like our mini soap favours.

5.    Cleaners, nail technicians, hairdressers and other assorted service providers

As Christmas approaches, we're likely to be racing around trying to get everything finished off and heading to appointments to beautify ourselves ahead of the party season. If you go to a nail bar or hairdresser all year round, why not take a Rose Heart Soap to your last session before Christmas? It should really make them smile. The same thing goes for cleaners and postal workers who provide an essential service, although you might want to go for something a little less flowery for the bin men.

Discussing this at H&W HQ reminded us of a Budgens poll we once read about, in which a quarter of people admitted to giving someone an IOU after forgetting to buy them a Christmas present. It also revealed that the average person forgets at least five items they intend to buy each year.

Don't let this be you - we hope these tips have helped you to ensure your gift list is fully comprehensive for 2014.