Is your mum secretly dreading Mother’s Day?

Is your mum secretly dreading Mother’s Day?

At the end of this month (March 31st), mums up and down the country will be honoured for all the things they do - big and small - for their children. But is your mum really looking forward to Mother’s Day, or is she secretly harbouring a deep dread of the surprises that will be coming her way?

Breakfast in bed

In theory, breakfast in bed prepared by your loving children sounds like the ultimate luxury. In reality, your mum won’t have a choice about what she wants to eat, as it is delivered to her on a tray as if she were a convalescing elderly aunt.

She will probably have wanted to get out of bed for at least half an hour to get on with her day, but has been kept under bed arrest and told to relax while you prepare her “surprise”. When it arrives, the eggs will be cold and the toast burned, because you’re just not that good at working out all the timings.

And don’t get her started on the crumbs in the bed. That’s a complete change of all the sheets she’ll be doing later on in the day then.

Box of chocolates

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An oversized box of chocolates

When it comes to buying chocolates for your mum on Mother’s Day, you’re not going to opt for a small box. After all, she was the one who picked you up and kissed your grazed knees when you fell over in the playground, helped break the news of that questionable tattoo to your dad and wasn’t too harsh after that ill-advised party.

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So, you buy the biggest box of chocolates you can find to thank her for the years of love, support and ready advice. The only thing is that she’s been trying so hard lately to eat more healthily and that box of sugary cocoa treats is like her nemesis.

She’ll smile sweetly as she opens the generous gift, but will try and hide it from herself, knowing full well that the chocolates will be gone by mid-April.

Sunday lunch

Giving your mum a break from cooking and taking her out for Sunday lunch seems like a good idea, but it’s such a great idea that everyone else has thought of it too. Even though you’ve booked, the table’s not quite ready, because every mum in the country must be looked after on Mothering Sunday, so you’re standing around waiting.

The mums are so crammed in that her chair is touching the mother’s behind her and she can’t relax because she knows the next sitting is coming in after her. It’s years since you yourself were in nappies, but she’s in close proximity to a wailing child and is actually wishing she was stirring the gravy in her slippers in her own kitchen.
Despite the washing up, long Sundays with everyone back in the family home are the highlight of her week and being taken out is not the treat it’s cracked up to be.

Woman in the bath

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What your mum really wants this Mother’s Day

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