Marking 50 years of Earth Day

Marking 50 years of Earth Day

Today (March 22nd) marks 50 years of Earth Day, a global environmental movement to bring about change for the planet. At a time when most air travel is suspended and we’re all thinking more about the world around us and the implications our actions have, it feels like a particularly poignant Earth Day.

More than 75,000 organisations have become involved with the movement over the years and its reach is vast. As with any issue as important as the environment, it’s vital that countries band together for the common good and some 190 nations have pledged their support.

Show your green heart

Individuals can do their bit this Earth Day in a number of ways, large and small. While we’re all stuck at home isolating, here are some simple suggestions. Get the kids involved by asking them to design a green heart to go in the window. This will represent your household’s support for Earth Day to anyone walking past on their daily hour of exercise. Try cutting up pieces of green tissue paper to decorate it with or ask them what pictures they could draw inside the heart to represent environmental issues.

Get the tools out and mend broken items

Photo credit: Unsplash/Steve Johnson

Make do and mend

Earth Day is a great opportunity to show your commitment to positive change for the environment and Heyland & Whittle is making its own steps towards a more eco-friendly future.

Our throwaway society has had a sustained negative impact over the years and so often we simply replace broken items by buying something new. This is why landfill sites are overflowing and our oceans are brimming with discarded plastic. Often, when something stops working, it’s only a small part of it that has broken, but all the functioning parts get wasted. This Earth Day, try fixing something instead of purchasing a replacement. This is particularly important when going to the shops is restricted.

Plant hope for the future

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden then use this outdoor space to plant some seeds. Watching plants and flowers grow, knowing you started them off on Earth Day, is a great way to represent hope for the future of our planet. It’s even better if you can plant some flowers that are good for pollinators, such as lavender, cosmos and marigolds. That way you’ll have the extra benefit of some additional winged friends in your garden when they come into bloom. Since you can’t just pop to the garden centre, you may need to resort to any packets you have lying around at home, but today is a great opportunity to get them into the ground.


Photo credit: Unsplash/John O'Nolan

Heyland & Whittle’s commitment to the environment

Here at Heyland & Whittle we are constantly improving our practices to ensure our customers can purchase our beautiful products with minimum impact on the environment. That means creating a selection of handmade soaps without palm oil and sending out all our orders in recyclable packaging with plastic-free tape. Our next move will be to launch our new range of eco candles. It will be comprised of three products, all housed within recycled vessels and made from vegan, environmentally-friendly wax. It’s all part of our commitment to move away from plastic and paraffin. We think you’ll love it, so watch this space…

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