Mother’s Day ideas your mum will really appreciate

Mother's Day ideas your mum will really appreciate

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity for you to show your mum how much you appreciate everything she does. The chances are your mum is forever running around doing something for everyone else, meaning she doesn't get much time to just put her feet up.

While you can find a stunning gift for her with Heyland and Whittle - and get 15 per cent and free P&P on orders through our site over £35 until Sunday March 15th with the discount code LOVEMUM15 - there are a few other things you can do to allow her to relax and enjoy her day.

Breakfast in bed

If you still live at home, breakfast in bed is a great way to start off Mothering Sunday. You can whip up your mum's favourite breakfast, brew some lovely coffee and take everything up on a tray with some flowers. 

Just be sure to let her have a lie in - but not so long that she's already up and about by the time breakfast is ready! 

She'll probably love the effort you've put in, and who doesn't like getting to lounge in bed and eat a proper breakfast?

Sunday lunch

If you're not able to be there to make breakfast for your mum, why not put together a lovely Sunday lunch for her? You can do this at home or your can take her out for the afternoon to somewhere special. It's important to remember though that you probably need to book a restaurant in advance as everywhere is likely to be busy.

For making her something at home, you can fix her up one of her favourite meals or something she hasn't had in a while. Not only will she appreciate the effort you put in, it will also mean a lot to her that you've remembered what she likes. Just be sure to wash up as well!

When it comes to going out for a meal, it could be quite nice to make a day of it. Why not take her somewhere she's always wanted to go or even somewhere she enjoys looking around? This will give her time to relax and unwind without having to worry about anything else she might need to do. It can also be a surprise or something you plan with her.

Letting your mum put her feet up for a day could be the perfect present

Household chores

Something your mum has probably said she'd like is for someone to do all the cleaning, so why not make this wish come true on Mothering Sunday? You can set her up with a good book or film and get all the chores done that she usually sorts out.

Your mum will probably really appreciate it, especially as she'll be able to enjoy some time that isn't all about housework. This is a great way to get the whole family involved too, as you can each have a specific job or focus on a certain room.

If the house doesn't need sorting, you can always put some time in the garden. Something like mowing the lawn, repotting plants or cleaning off the decking can make things a lot easier for your mum.

Take her shopping

Does your mum balk at the idea of spending money on herself? Then taking her shopping could be a great idea. Whether she needs a new outfit or something for the home, if everyone chips in you can buy her what she needs, as well as what she wants.

This is a lovely alternative to simply buying her a gift card that she might not use on herself and ensures that she gets something she really wants. You can simply buy something she's pointed out or tried on and she won't need to know until you've gotten out of the shop.

Everyone together

Of course, the best way to show your mum how special she is to get everyone together. Organise the family and get everyone together in the same place at the same time as a lovely surprise for your mum.

If people can't make it in person, you can always set up a call online with web cameras to make it seem as though they are all in the room. This gives everyone a chance to catch up and will probably mean the world to your mum.