Not an egg in sight: Easter gift guide

Not an egg in sight: Easter gift guide

Easter is the perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones, as the holiday comes during the brighter season of spring. But when visiting friends and family this Easter, step out of the cliche of gifting chocolate eggs and take them something more befitting of the season.

Fresh flowers

It’s the arrival of tulips and daffodils bursting out of the earth that heralds spring for many and bringing those vibrant colours into a friend’s home will spread the joy. If you want to step away from the usual springtime blooms, then opt for alliums, which are said to represent patience and unity, or decadent peonies, as they symbolise prosperity.

Fragrant hands

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Clementine & Prosecco Hand Cream

Everybody loves a little treat that’s just for them and the luxurious Clementine and Prosecco Hand Cream is the perfect way to show someone they are special. What’s even better, is that unlike a chocolate egg, there’s no guilt associated with indulging in this delicious fragrance, so the receiver can feel double the joy.

English wine

Alternatives to chocolate eggs for gifting to your loved ones this Easter.

If you don’t know what to bring, then bring a bottle and with England now boasting more than 450 wineries, you can taste all the flavours of homegrown grapes this Easter. Opt for a Pinot Noir or Ortega variety and see why the south of England is becoming known as a premium wine-growing region.

A new album

It’s true to say that most people listen to music on streaming services these days, but there’s something wonderful about going old school and turning up with a physical copy of a whole album. When it comes to choosing which music to gift a loved one, try something new they might not have heard before and bring the spring spirit of renewal into their home.

Earl Grey tea

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Earl Grey Foam Bath

After all their guests have gone home, all your hosts will want to do is draw a hot bath and relax. They will be able to unwind like the lord and lady of the manor, or perhaps the earl and countess if you gift them the Earl Grey Luxury Foam Bath. Added glycerin will instantly boost even the weariness of hosts, ready for more entertaining over Easter.

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