The ideal Mother’s Day gifts to pamper your mum

The ideal Mother's Day gifts to pamper your mum

You've not got long to find the perfect Mother's Day gift to show your mum how much you appreciate her. With Mothering Sunday taking place on March 15th, time is getting short to pick out your present.

At Heyland and Whittle, you can get a 15 per cent discount on any purchase over £35 made through our official site. We'll also give you free P&P when you use our discount code LOVEMUM15. The offer is valid until Mother's Day so you've still got time to make the most of it.

So now you have a way to save some money on a gift, exactly what are you going to buy your mum? Here are some great ideas that are sure to make her smile and will let her know how much you love her.

Reed diffusers

If your mum doesn't like a big fuss on Mother's Day but still enjoys something a bit special, a reed diffuser could be the perfect gift.

Rather than getting her a lot of stuff she may not know how to use or get around to making the most of, a reed diffuser is ready to use in a moment and will fragrance your mum's home easily. The design is simple enough that it will fit in with any decor and the fact that you can get refills means you'll always have a present to fall back on.

From fresh scents like Wild Lemongrass to floral fragrances, such as Neroli and Rose, there is sure to be a smell your mum will love. 


Another lovely option for a fragrance gift is a Heyland and Whittle candle. This could be a great choice if your mum is partial to scented candles or if you want to give her something that will help her to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

You can choose from candles in a glass for a classic look or candles in a tin to add a bit of colour to the style. Just as with the reed diffusers, you have a huge range of scents to choose from, allowing you to show your mum that you pay attention to what she likes. 

Your mum definitely deserves a pamper and Heyland and Whittle has the ideal products for her

Why not choose one of our more unusual fragrances with Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper for a sweet and effective scent, or go for one of our new options like Sandalwood and Oud? We've got a huge range to choose from so you'll be sure to find the ideal candle for your mum.  


A pampering and practical gift for your mum is our traditional soap, which comes in a stunning array of scents for every mood and taste. Our solid soaps use natural colourings and ingredients to create great cleansing and moisturising products that also smell amazing. 

Great for sensitive skin, you can purchase solid soap in a number of ways, including single bars or large bricks, which are ideal if you know your mum has a favourite scent as it is sure to last her until next Mother's Day!

If you want to give your mum a variety of different soaps to try or if you're not sure what scent she might like, you can also get lovely pre-made gift sets - such as small soaps in a gift box or a soap book. These make a great pamper set that she is sure to love.

Pamper sets

Of course, one of the best ways to ensure your mum gets a chance to relax with your gift this Mother's Day is to get her a pampering gift set. It doesn't matter what products she likes, as we have something for every taste, ensuring your mum will love her present.

If she's a fan of a good soak, something like our Shea Butter Bath Melt Gift Box could be ideal. This features seven of our bath melts in stunning lavender, rose and marigold, offering a beautifully scented bath that will smell amazing. 

For those who like a practical gift, why not treat your mum to a lovely hand wash and lotion? Our Greentea and Grapefruit Handwash and Hand Lotion Gift Box is great if you want to give your mum something pampering that she can use every day. It has a lovely fresh scent and is perfect for taking care of your mum in an easy way.

You could also give a gift with everything your mum needs for a good pampering session, allowing her to take some time out and put her feet up. Our Citrus and Lavender Votive Candle, Soap and Bath Melts Gift Box has everything she'll need for a nice bath and comes in a refreshing yet relaxing scent. 

No matter what you get your mum this year, make sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her.