There’s nothing like a relaxed Mother’s Day: Pauline Quirke tells all about her perfect Mothering Sunday

There's nothing like a relaxed Mother's Day: Pauline Quirke tells all about her perfect Mothering Sunday

Mother's Day is on its way, with March 15th giving you the perfect opportunity to pamper your mum and treat her to something special. 

To find out what mums really want on Mothering Sunday, we had a chat with a few celebrity mums to see what their experiences of the day have been and what they expect this year.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Pauline Quirke last week while she was enjoying a day off from filming her new show Apocalypse Slough for Sky 1.

With two children, Pauline is used to playing mum both on and off screen; as well as balancing an often busy work schedule with her family life. She's also had her fair share of Mother's Days so is the perfect person to find out what children should be planning next month.

It seems that Pauline is used to getting a little bit spoilt by her children - Charlie and Emily - even now they are older; with both of them usually making her a card and spending the day with her.

"They've always done something on the day, even when they were tiny tots. They've always done cards and I've always had a big fuss made of me. We might not go out for lunch or anything like that but they've always made a big fuss." 

In fact, Pauline's ideal Mother's Day is entirely centred on spending time with her family at home and having a nice relaxed day.  

"On Mothering Sunday I'll get breakfast in bed. Poached eggs on toast is my favourite and my husband will probably make them as he's good at poaching an egg. I like to cook the lunch but the kids do all the cleaning up while I read the Sunday papers. It's just about being together."

Although this routine isn't much different from a usual Sunday in the Quirke house, the extra little touches serve as "the icing on top", making it just that little bit more special without going overboard.

In fact, her usual Sunday is the actress' idea of a perfect pamper as she's just able to relax and be with those she loves, without anything different or unexpected happening.

When it comes to gifts, Pauline isn't overly fussed and would much rather have a homemade card. She always tells her kids not to bother with flowers on the day as they tend to be expensive, preferring that they save some money and buy them the next day.

When asked what her favourite ever Mother's Day gift was, Pauline revealed that it is yet to arrive but is due to get here on or around March 8th, as her daughter is going to make her a grandma for the first time. That is one gift that is going to be hard to beat!

However, she's also a fan of Heyland and Whittle candles and likes to have a fragranced candle lit at home most of the time, with subtle floral or citrus scents top of her list. 

Although Pauline gets treated to a nice day on Mothering Sunday, she doesn't think the day itself is hugely important.

Pauline Quirke tells us what she enjoys on Mother's Day and how she balances work with family life

"I've always thought that you shouldn't choose just one day a year to cherish your mother and father."

However, she does appreciate that not everyone is lucky enough to be live so close to her family. While Charlie still lives at home and Emily lives down the road, other families are much further apart. 

The Birds of a Feather actress suggests that if this is the case, it can be a nice idea to make the extra effort to ensure the day is special.

With her own low-key Mother's Days, Pauline has managed to avoid anything big going wrong with her children's plans. While her son is fond of the odd cheeky comments in a card, most things seem to go to plan, not that she would care if they didn't.

"We've not had too many disasters. We usually just sit at the table and chat - over each other most of the time.

"Even if there had been disasters, I don't think I'd remember them as they aren't the important thing on the day."

It seems that Mothering Sunday will be a great relaxed day for Pauline, whose days are getting a bit busy now that she is filming. This means a lot of early mornings and line learning. However, she tries her best not to let this affect her time with her family, cherishing just being at home.

"As soon as I get home, it's when I'm happiest. Just being at home with my lovely husband and the kids."

Like most people, Pauline just likes to relax at home with her favourite TV shows or cooking a meal for her family. This laid back attitude is probably why she's managed to find it quite easy to balance her home and work lives, although she does admit that this was a bit more difficult when they were younger.

Although things were a bit more difficult when her kids were at school, she managed to attend all but one school event; stating that friends and family were a huge help with their support and time. This has helped to build great relationships with her children that have stayed strong throughout the years.

When asked how other mums can create a good relationship with their children, Pauline had some very simple advice: "Just try and be the best mum you can. We all make mistakes. I suppose it's just a case of listening to them and knowing when to speak up or shut up."

The Broadchurch star also had some great tips for children who want to say thanks to their mums this Mothering Sunday, championing the small touches rather than grand gestures.

"Don't go mad. Just spend a bit of time doing something like emptying the dishwasher, tidying up a bit or getting your room nice. Learn how to use the washing machine. A nice little surprise like that will be something your mum will really appreciate.

"Don't always leave it to Mother's Day either. You can do it any time. You know, give her cuddle or make her a cup of tea without being asked. All those little things us mums love."

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