5 reasons our products make the most of coconut oil

5 reasons our products make the most of coconut oil

At Heyland and Whittle, we make use of a range of natural ingredients in order to create beautiful and effective products. From our soaps to our body lotions, each contains a carefully chosen mix of ingredients aimed at helping to keep your skin beautiful.

One of these ingredients is coconut oil, which offers some really fantastic benefits when included as part of your skincare and beauty routines. You can make the most of these benefits with our discount code MAYDAY, which entitles you to free P&P and 15% off purchases over £30 made through our site until the end of May. 

Here are some of the reasons we love coconut oil and put it in as many products as possible:

1 - Incredibly moisturising

One of the main benefits of coconut oil is that it is incredibly moisturising. It contains a lot of fatty acids that help to maintain the moisture content of your skin, meaning coconut oil will lock moisture in.

As well as reducing the amount of moisture lost through your pores throughout the day, coconut oil will also help with the texture of your skin. Regularly using products that contain coconut oil will result in skin that looks and feels much smoother, helping with uneven skin tone.

You can make the most of these moisturising benefits with our range of body lotions, which are also scented with your favourite fragrances to perfume your skin throughout the day.

2 - Deeply cleansing

Not only is coconut oil great at moisturising the skin, it is also a gentle and effective cleanser. As it is a mildly exfoliating oil, it helps to lift dirt and excess oil from your skin, leaving it fresh and clean without being too harsh.

Coconut oil is fantastic for getting rid of makeup, as well as clearing pores. It also helps to tone your skin, leaving pores looking smaller and reducing the chances of breakouts.

Coconut oil offers fantastic benefits when included as part of your skincare and beauty routines

You can use our traditional soaps to cleanse your face and body, with each one being suited to different skin types as well as smelling amazing.

3 - Protects against infection

Three of the fatty acids that coconut oil contains actively help to fight infections. This means coconut oil functions as a disinfectant and has antimicrobial properties, making it a suitable oil for those who are prone to spots.

You might think that the oil would be too heavy for oily or spot-prone skin, but it actually helps to regulate your natural oil production - meaning it will balance your skin - which can work wonders alongside its disinfectant properties. 

This means something like our Tea Tree Soap could be the ideal choice if you have problem skin.

4 - Reducing ageing

Coconut oil is chock full of vitamin E, which is hugely beneficial for the skin. As well as helping to protect against damage from free radicals, vitamin E serves to repair general wear and tear that your skin suffers everyday.

It helps to keep skin smooth, fighting wrinkles and keeping your skin plump, which maintains its youthful appearance. 

5 - Soothes skin

If you have razor burn, sunburn or skin irritation, coconut oil can help to soothe this. As well as putting moisture back into the skin and helping to repair it, the oil also helps to reduce redness.

This means it can help with skin conditions like eczema, offering relief and helping your skin to produce healthy cells so as to reduce the affected area over time. 

With so many benefits, coconut oil is a great addition to your skincare routine and you're sure to see the difference it makes. Don't forget to use our discount code MAYDAY to get your 15% off and free P&P until the end of May on purchases over £30 made through our official site, allowing you to enjoy Heyland and Whittle products while spending less.