5 reasons solid soap is the best

5 reasons solid soap is the best

When it comes to washing our hands, faces and bodies, we tend to pick up the easiest products possible. For many, this means liquid varieties of soap, as the ability to squeeze the product into your hands seems to imply that it is faster to use.

However, solid soap offers a load of benefits that liquid soap does not. This could make it the best option for your daily routine and your family.

To help you decide if you need to go solid with your soap, here are five reasons we think it's the best:

Less packaging

Even if your liquid soap comes in a simple bottle, this is still a lot of packaging. Not only are you left with bulky bottles in your bathroom, you can't always put the lids in the recycling. This is even worse if your soap has a pump, as this has to go straight in the bin.

Solid soap on the other hand, comes in a simple cardboard box that can go straight in your recycling bin. You don't need to keep it around once you've started using your bar, as you can simply pop it on a soap saver on your sink. For travelling, just put your soap in a sealable sandwich bag so keep it fresh.

Fewer chemicals

If a product contains water, it also needs to have some form of preservative in it to keep it fresh. While our liquid soaps use as few additives as possible and only the safest option, most high street brands use the cheapest forms of preservatives, as well as other chemicals to fragrance and colour their soaps.

Our traditional soaps are completely natural and don't contain things like chemical detergents. Instead, they are made using natural oils and a natural alkaline so you aren't left with chemical residue on your skin.

Last longer

Solid soap offers a load of benefits that liquid soap doesn't

The temptation with liquid soaps is to use lots when actually a tiny amount will do. This can be because they don't foam up as well as you'd like or you have just got into the habit of using lots. 

Solid soap foams up easily and quickly, creating a thick lather in moments. This means you use less soap than you would with liquid varieties and yet get better results. You can also use every last bit of your solid soap, as you don't need to try and get the last dribble out of a bottle.

More versatile

There's a reason you have a liquid soap for your face, another for your body and a third for your hands. Each soap is designed specifically for these areas so using them incorrectly can actually leave your skin feeling dry or cause other problems.

You might think that this is the only option, but you can actually use a solid soap for everything. Because our traditional soaps are mostly made out of natural oils and butters, they are suitable for your face, body and hands. This means you can use one soap for everything.

This versatility is great for reducing the amount of time you use in your beauty routine, as well as for travelling. It will also help to declutter your bathroom.

Saves you money

If you need to buy fewer soap products, you're going to save money. When you add up the cost of the different liquid soaps you need and look at how often you need to re-buy them, and compare this to a single bar of soap; you'll be wondering why you haven't made a swap before now.

While you may want a couple of different bars so you can enjoy different scents, the chances are you'll still be spending less. As they also last longer, it could be months before you need to stock up again - especially if you invest in a soap brick.

To make the most of the benefits offered by solid soap, shop our range of traditional soaps here.