5 reasons to slip a Mini Favour Soap into your luggage

5 reasons to slip a Mini Favour Soap into your luggage

It’s often said that when packing for a trip you should lay out everything you want to take and then whittle it down to a third. While there are lots of benefits to cutting down the amount of luggage you take with you, there’s one item that should always be in your suitcase - our Mini Favour Soap.

These versatile little gems don’t take up much room at just 45g, but can come in handy in a wide variety of situations. Here are the times when you might find yourself reaching for that perfect little package:

If your accommodation hasn’t provided any hand soap

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, villa or at a friend’s house, the toiletries that are provided can vary. In some cases, there might be a series of little bottles lined up, but no hand soap left on the sink. A miniature bar of soap will serve the whole family for the duration of your stay without you having to worry about taking the rest of it home with you when you leave.

A gift

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As an impromptu gift for a friend, relative or host

There are lots of situations when you’re away that suddenly require a gift and it can be difficult to get something appropriate when you don’t know an area. A pretty soap, lovingly handmade in the UK and sporting a delicious fragrance could be just the solution. Perfect as a small thank you, a gesture of goodwill or in return for an unexpected present, it’s worth having a Mini Favour Soap on hand.

To freshen up a musty corner

Heyland & Whittle’s Mini Favour Soaps can fulfil a number of functions, making them a must-pack item wherever you are going this summer.

When you come to unpack your suitcase you may find the drawers haven’t been used in a while, leaving your clothes smelling a little musty. Unwrap your little soap bar and nestle it in amongst your smalls so they’re lightly fragranced and ready to wear throughout your holiday.


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For a burst of a familiar fragrance

Speaking of fragrance, it’s amazing how evocative the sense of smell is, which can be particularly comforting when you’re away from home. From Rose and Lavender to Jasmine & Lilac and Queen of the Nile, our Mini Favour Soaps are bursting with sumptuous scents that will instantly make you feel comforted. If you need a little boost of confidence before putting on your bikini for the first time this summer or prior to sitting down for dinner with new people, simple breathe in your favourite fragrance and take a moment for yourself.

As a great multitasker

Packing for a trip usually means a lot of time spent contemplating every eventuality and trying to prepare for each one. Most people will end up forgetting something in the end, but a bar of soap can often plug the gap. Whether you forgot to put your favourite Heyland & Whittle Body Wash in at the last minute or didn’t realise you’d need to wash those shorts midtrip, you can solve the problem with your Mini Favour Soap.

Decide which Mini Favour Soap fragrance is for you or try out a few here.