5 reasons you need to take care of your hair in January

5 reasons you need to take care of your hair in January

We all know that winter can play havoc with our skin and that we need to look after it more to keep it looking and feeling good, but what about your hair? This month is going to be hard on your tresses, especially after the indulgences of Christmas.

You should definitely take extra care of your hair this month and until spring finally arrives. If you don't believe us, here are five reasons why you need to: 

Wet weather dries out your locks

Subjecting your hair to rain throughout January may not be completely unavoidable, but you need it will need more TLC each time you get caught in a downpour. Not only is rainwater nothing like washing your hair in a nice warm shower, it actually leaves it feeling dry.

The water pulls moisture from your tresses, leaving it feeling dry and often unmanageable. On top of this, rain also contains pollution, which can affect the look and feel of your hair, especially if you get caught in it a few times. 

This is why you should keep it conditioned well by using your standard conditioner a couple of times a week, as well as an intensive one at least once a week. You may also want to treat your hair to some leave-in conditioner too for extra protection.

Wind and rain increase breakages

As well as leaving your hair feeling dry, windy and wet, weather can increase the chances of breakages. Getting your hair whipped about while you're outside can mean that you shed more of it than normal, while the loss of moisture will leave you prone to split ends and snapped tresses.

On top of this, your hair is also at a greater risk of breaking when it is wet, so doing anything with it when you've been rained on can be damaging, even if you're just trying to tidy it up a bit.

To reduce your risk of fragile hair, keep it hidden from the elements when you're out using a hat or a scarf. Yes, this may mean you need to deal with hat hair, but it is a small price to pay for healthy locks. 

Festive treats can dull its shine

January is going to be hard on your tresses

We all love to indulge over Christmas and even if you're trying to be healthier this month, December's excesses are likely to be affecting your hair. Even a couple of weeks of sugary and fatty foods can affect your hair as your body doesn't get all the nutrients it needs.

This can make your hair dry, unmanageable, fragile and dull. It really is about what you put into your body as well as the products you use, so be sure to get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to help you and your health get healthy.

It can also be a good idea to take a multivitamin every day just for that extra boost, especially one designed for healthy hair and skin.

Overwashing does more harm than good

When we get soaked through, there's nothing better than hopping in the shower or bath. However, this can mean that you end up overwashing your hair during a week. 

Washing your hair too often does more harm than good, especially if it is already feeling fragile. It will strip more moisture from your hair by removing natural oils, causing it to dry out more and increase the chances of breakages.

Ideally, your hair should only be washed two to three times a week, if that. Pay attention to your tresses and see when they feel like they need a wash as being reactive is much better for your hair.

Heating leaves it unmanageable

If cold weather is bad for your hair then putting the heating on must be good for it, right? Sadly, this isn't the case either and you may find that your central heating leaves your hair unmanageable, dry and dull too - you really can't win during January.

Rapid changes in temperature can affect your locks, but more than that, heating will pull more moisture from them, leaving them looking and feeling dry and frizzy. This doesn't mean you need to freeze indoors as well as out, as conditioning and treating your hair should deal with the worst of this.

It is also a good idea to get the ends of your hair trimmed regularly as these will be the first bits to dry out, which can cause split ends. As hair splits upwards, dry ends can end up damaging more of your tresses if they aren't dealt with, so don't avoid your hairdresser.

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