5 thoughtful gestures to celebrate World Friendship Day

5 thoughtful gestures to celebrate World Friendship Day

Did you know that World Friendship Day is coming up on Monday July 30th? The event is set to be celebrated all across the world, and is the perfect opportunity to let your friends know that you're thinking of them.

As the saying goes, we can't pick our family, but we can pick our friends, and finding a brilliant supportive group or one amazing best friend who will always be there for you is a beautiful thing.

But with our busy lives, we can all be guilty of not making as much time for our friends as we'd like to, which can be a real shame. World Friendship Day is a chance to remind them just how much they mean to you though, and your gesture doesn't even have to cost a thing.

Here are a few ideas for thoughtful ways to mark this special day:

1. A surprise visit

If you live a distance away from your friends, you might only get to see them once or twice a year. Technology is fantastic for keeping in touch, with social media allowing you to keep up to date with what's happening in each other's lives, and video calling letting you have regular catch-ups despite the miles between you.

But nothing beats a proper sit-down for a chat over a cuppa - or something a little stronger and fizzier! - with your best friend, just the two of you. There can often be something else getting in the way, whether it's interruptions from the kids or needing to dash off to make the dinner, meaning your catch-ups can be hurried and rushed.

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So, this World Friendship Day, pop round and surprise your bestie with a visit, and a packet of their favourite biscuits or favourite tipple so you can enjoy a proper gossip and some quality time - just the two of you. Why not sneakily arrange it with their partner in advance so you know that they're free and you won't be interrupted? They'll be so pleased to see you.

2. A gift to let them know you're thinking of them

If you can't manage a visit, then sending them a little surprise gift as a token of appreciation for their friendship, accompanied by a note wishing them a 'happy World Friendship Day' would be another lovely way to mark the occasion.

We can't pick our family, but we can pick our friends

It would only have to be something small, like one of our handmade Soap Bars in their favourite fragrance, or one of our scented Candles, with instructions to treat themselves to a long soak in the bath while they light it. Every time they'll light it afterwards, they'll be reminded of you, which is sure to raise a smile and the possibility of another catch-up.

3. A promise to babysit/house-sit/pet-sit

Time is one of the most precious gifts that we can give to others, so offering to look after a friend's house, child or pet while they go away or simply get a job done is sure to be gratefully received.

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You don't have to wait for a holiday or important appointment to come around though; offer to babysit out of the blue so your friend can enjoy a date night with their partner - this kind gesture is guaranteed to be hugely appreciated.

4. Bake them a cake

A homemade gift requires so much more time and effort than a shop-bought gift, and your friend will be able to see just how much love you've poured into it.

Baking them a cake that you can share together or that they can enjoy with their family would be a lovely idea. Think about their favourite flavours, or a sweet treat that you've enjoyed together at a cafe in the past, and try to incorporate that inspiration into your bake. This personal touch will show just how much you value their friendship.

5. A spa day-style pamper at home

A trip to a spa is always lovely, but if you don't live close by to one, travel and an overnight stay can make it harder to plan and more costly too. Treat them to a few pampering goodies, like one of our sea salt and bamboo Body Scrubs, or a bottle of our Foam Bath so they can recreate the spa experience at home for themselves.

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You could go one step further and get a Heyland & Whittle luxury hamper for the both of you, full of Soap Bars, Candles and other pampering treats so you can enjoy a relaxing day of self-care together.

You don't have to wait for a special occasion to treat a friend. Browse our full range of beautiful gifts here