5 ways to create a relaxing bathroom haven

5 ways to create a relaxing bathroom haven

While running a nice hot bath and choosing your favourite products to pop in it are great ways to relax, you need to create the right bathroom environment to really make the most of it.

It's hard to relax and enjoy some 'me' time if you don't feel comfortable in your bathroom or if you spend the entire time thinking about work that needs doing to it. 

In order to really appreciate the magic that is a nice hot soak, you need to turn your bathroom into a haven. Not only will this create a room that looks great, it will also help to promote relaxation and leave you feeling happy.

Here are our top tips for turning your bathroom into a real sanctuary:

A big clear out

One of the first things you should do is have a big clear out and deep clean of your bathroom. 

Even if you keep on top of household chores, there are sure to be some areas that could do with a scrub, so make some time to throw out those empty bottles of shampoo and give everything a good once over.

This will also give you the chance to make sure everything has its own place in your bathroom, as order can help you relax when you come to run a bath.

Do a spot of decorating

If your bathroom looks a bit cold or has become dated, it could be time to spruce it up with a bit of decorating.

This doesn't mean buying a whole new bathroom suit, as small changes can make a big difference.

We often forget that home comforts can be added to your bathroom as well as the rest of your house

Why not pick up a paintbrush and give the room a do over? Just be sure to choose nice warm colours - so opt for cream instead of pure white - as this will create a homely atmosphere.

You can even get tile paint if you want a big change on a small budget, so you can instantly change the look of your bathroom without having to shell out a small fortune.

Add some comforts

We often forget that home comforts can be added to your bathroom as well as the rest of your house. While you aren't necessarily going to add throw pillows and curtains to this particular room, there are things you can add.

You could pick yourself up some new plush towels, a nice fluffy dressing gown to hang on the door ready for when you get out of the tub and a mat for the floor so you aren't stepping on cold tiles.

All of this will help to complete the room and create a really comfortable atmosphere without breaking the bank.

The small touches

As well as things like towels, you should also think about what small touches will improve the look and feel of your bathroom at all times, as well as when you're having a bath.

Candles are a great choice as they can be used as an accessory and then you have the added bonus of candlelit baths, which are sure to help your worries float away. Choose from our range of candles to find a scent you love or a coloured tin to match your decorating.

You could also select a room mist to keep in your bathroom, which will look and smell much nicer than high street air spray canisters. These will add a burst of fragrance to your bathroom that will last hours.

Your favourite bath products

Of course, one of the best ways to turn your bathroom into a relaxing haven is to ensure that you have your favourite bath and body products on hand for when you fancy a pamper.

Treat yourself by stocking up on all your favourites and creating a handy display or creating a storage space for them in your bathroom so you know you have everything you could possibly need for a good soak. 

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