An A-Z of the best travel tips

An A-Z of the best travel tips

Setting off for a holiday is an exciting time, but it’s true that there’s an art to successful travel. Whether you’re heading to the beach for some winter sun or off on a skiing adventure, you need to get organised to cut the stress and get maximum enjoyment from your trip.

Here at Heyland & Whittle we’ve collated a list of the best travel tips and hacks to ensure your time away goes as smoothly as possible. This is our ultimate A-Z of travel insights.

Advance packing - lay everything you think you’re going to need on the spare bed a week before your trip. Add things to this pile as you remember them and review what’s there before putting a single thing into your suitcase.

Bulldog clip - simply place over the blades of your razor to prevent yourself or any of your belongings from getting nicked.

Clear wash bag - there’s nothing to say you can’t use a translucent wash bag instead of one of those flimsy plastic bags for taking your liquids through security. Just make sure it doesn’t measure any bigger than 20cm by 20cm.

Don’t forget to pack an eye mask and ear plugs - they take up hardly any space and can make all the difference to a night’s sleep in an unexpectedly noisy or bright hotel.

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Empty bottle - bring a reusable bottle with you and fill it up at a water fountain or one of the airport’s restaurants once you’ve gone through security.

Forget nothing - make a list of everything that goes into your suitcase at home. Check each item off as you pack up your hotel room.

Google Maps offline - save maps of the areas you’re exploring to your phone, so you can access them without a Wi-Fi connection.

Hydrating Shampoo Bar - pack this holiday favourite in your luggage and cut out the risk of any spills.

Invest in quality luggage - a suitcase that is exactly the right size, has handy pockets and is sturdy enough to withstand the journey is an absolute must-have.

Journal - a travel journal is a great place to jot down details of where you went, what you did and where you ate. Next time someone asks you for the name of that cute pasta place in Rome, you’ll be able to put your hands on the information straight away.

Keep some time spare - this will allow you to be spontaneous if you get a great recommendation or take a nap if your schedule is pretty tiring.

Layering - pack a greater number of thinner clothes, which can be layered up to make you adaptable to the weather.

Here are 26 ways to travel like a pro, whether you’re heading for some winter sun or hitting the slopes for a skiing adventure.

Mark your luggage as fragile - this way it’s likely to be put at the top of the pile and among the first suitcases to come off the conveyor belt.

Note down the numbers for cancelling credit and debit cards from abroad - stash them at the bottom of your suitcase away from your valuables.

Out of office - make sure it’s on your work emails, so you can properly switch off.

Photograph your passport with your mobile phone - you’ll have a digital copy with all the relevant information on it if yours goes missing.

Queue like a pro - spend your time standing in line at airport security getting ready for the next stage of the process. That means removing jackets, shoes and belts and making sure liquids and electronics are out of your hand luggage.

Roll your clothes - fit more into your suitcase.

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Scented Room Sachets - pop one of these fragrant little packets into your luggage to ensure your clothes smell fresh when you arrive at your destination.

Travel Collection - our selection of miniature Hand & Body Washes are perfect for weekends away and hand luggage-only trips.

Underwear - pop a spare pair of knickers or boxers into your hand luggage in case your checked in bag gets delayed.

Valuables - separate them into different places when you travel to minimise the chances of losing everything at once. Then, always put each item back in the same place to avoid the panic of not being able to find something.

Wear a pashmina or wide scarf on your flight - you’ll be able to use it as a blanket if it gets chilly on board, or press it into service as a pillow for some shut eye.

eXercise to beat jet lag - do a strenuous workout before your flight and some light exercise like walking or swimming once you arrive.

Yoga - while it’s not possible to do a full sun salutation on a flight, some simple poses, like eagle arms, half lotus and a seated twist will help you to feel less stiff when getting off the plane.

Zip your belongings into packing cubes - these useful accessories act like drawers when you’re travelling and you can group similar items together or entire outfits for different occasions.

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