‘Bad’ habits you have permission to keep next year

'Bad' habits you have permission to keep next year

Have you decided on your new year's resolutions for 2018 yet? Whether you're planning to eat more healthily, improve your fitness, take up a new hobby or kick a bad habit, we wish you the best of luck with creating the new you next year.

But we think you don't need to be too harsh on yourself when deciding on your 2018 goals. There are a few guilty pleasure habits we think you should be able to keep this year and always - after all, you work hard and deserve a few treats.

Here's our pick of the 'bad' habits you shouldn't have to give up in the new year:

Refusing to watch any films except chick flicks and musicals

Pretending to like arty independent films with subtitles might make you appear a little more cultured, but is it worth the effort if every time you put on a French arthouse film you automatically fall asleep?

If all you want to watch is chick flicks and musicals, we think that's perfectly fine. Yes, there might not be thrilling car chases, spectacular explosions or superheroes saving the world, but if you get to swoon over your favourite actors and enjoy a feelgood singsong at the same time, where's the harm in that?

What's more, some of the highest-grossing films of all time such as Titanic, Pretty Woman and Mamma Mia! fall into this category, so you're clearly not alone in possessing this guilty pleasure.

Putting your pyjamas on as soon as you get home from work

You might intend to fill your evenings with new activities, but it can be hard to feel motivated in January, so if you want to put your pyjamas on as soon as you come in from a long day at work amid the cold weather, we think that should be allowed.

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Nothing beats the snug, cosy feeling of getting into warm PJs when you get in from the chill and your cosiness levels will only increase if you light a scented candle to add to the relaxing atmosphere.

After a stressful day, make yourself a hot drink, put your feet up and calm down with the fragrance of our Citrus & Lavender Candle in a Glass, which is heady with naturally-soothing lavender alongside a gorgeously fresh citrusy aroma.

Reading celebrity magazines

While it's always great to widen your reading material and try something new, we don't think this should mean having to give up your favourite trashy magazines - especially with a royal wedding coming up soon, meaning there's going to be lots of gossip to catch up on!

Having a takeaway on a Friday night, religiously

You work hard and deserve a few treats

Even if you've committed to a new year health kick, scientific studies have proven that dieters who let themselves have a day off or a cheat night on a regular basis are much more likely to get long-term results than people who deprive themselves of all treats.

After a long week at work, we don't think there's anything wrong with ordering in your favourite Chinese - as long as it's just a once-a-week treat and not every night, it won't do you any harm. Life should be all about enjoying in moderation, after all.

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If you can't stand your house smelling like curry the morning after, you'll be pleased to hear that we have a brand new range of products coming in 2018 designed to combat that very problem.

Our new Home Solutions range will comprise Reed Diffusers, Candles and Room Sprays to tackle specific smells in your home. The Chef's Friend fragrance, a vibrant fresh burst of lemongrass and lime, is especially good for those strong food smells you want to mask. Look out for the range launching in early 2018.

Regarding all music since the 1980s as 'not for you'

Could you name who's number one in the music charts right now? Or who has been at the top spot at any time this year? Perhaps that redhead with the guitar? If this sounds like you, you really shouldn't be embarrassed.

You don't need to start downloading the current top 40 to win 'cool' points - knowing what you like and sticking with it is absolutely fine. The 1980s had some great power ballads and excellent cheesy pop, so if you're not interested in listening to anything else, you shouldn't have to.

Buying pampering products in every scent

Treating yourself to pampering products might be a luxury, but with so many tempting scents to choose from, it can often be hard to decide which to go for, leaving you with more than you intended to buy.

But as long as you're actually using the products or gifting them to good homes, there's nothing 'guilty' about this pleasure. And if you're buying products made from natural ingredients, you won't be doing any damage to the planet either.

At Heyland & Whittle, all of our Soap Bars are made with natural ingredients, and with multiple fragrances and each handmade bar costing just a few pounds each, there's no reason you shouldn't be treating yourself to a few. They also keep for years, drying out once you're done using them so you can store them away until you're ready to lather them up again, so you can think of these purchases as a long-term investment.

Go for Queen of the Nile for a beautiful mix of floral and fruity scents with a super-nourishing goat's milk and cocoa butter base, or try our Seaweed Soap Bar, which has a unique, refreshing scent reminiscent of seaside holidays and is perfect for problem skin.

We have a whole range of floral, fruity, sweet and musky handmade soap bars in our range. Check them all out - and treat yourself - here