Bath or shower – Which is best?

Bath or shower - Which is best?

There's nothing like a good soak at the end of a long day or a refreshing shower when you first wake up. We all like that just washed feeling, but which way is the best way to clean?

The chances are you have a favourite when it comes to choosing between baths and showers, but are you choosing the right one? Both methods have pros and cons so it is worth considering whether you should be having baths or showers.


  • Quick and easy

Showers are super quick and easy, allowing you to just get up and go. There's no waiting for your bath to fill, so they are an efficient option. The fact that you can alter your shower head means that you can make your shower even quicker if you wanted, using high power to help wash your skin faster.

They are also ideal if you're in a rush, as you can jump in as soon as the water hits the right temperature and be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Great everyday cleansing

Probably one of the best things about showers is that they are perfect for everyday cleansing, letting you get rid of dirt and oil on the surface of your skin - especially if you use a Body Wash. However, you will need to exfoliate regularly in order to remove dead skin cells properly. Failing to do this can lead to blocked pores, breakouts and flaky skin.

  • Refreshing

Showers are instantly refreshing, meaning that even a minute under the water will help you feel a bit better. This is why so many people choose to have one in the morning, as they help wash away the cobwebs of sleep. Unfortunately, this can mean that showers aren't the best option if you want to unwind.

  • Less water

Which is your favourite, baths or showers?

Your average shower uses less water than a bath, especially if you have a low-flow head. This is great for the environment and your household costs if you're on a water meter. However, if you have daily showers that take a while, this won't work out as well.


  • Seriously relax you

Soaking in a hot bath eases your muscles and reduces your blood pressure. This has the effect of relaxing your body and mind, as well as helping to cut down on residual stress. It also means that you'll be better placed to deal with stress after your bath, as well as get a great night's sleep, which is even more beneficial.

You can increase feelings of relaxation by using calming fragrances in your bath, such as our Citrus and Lavender Foam Bath.

  • Deep cleansing

Some people don't like baths as they aren't fond of the idea of soaking in the dirt that gets washed off your skin. However, you actually need to soak your skin in order to give it a proper clean and help you shed dead skin cells properly. Not deep cleaning your skin regularly can cause problems like spots. If you want to be totally clean after a bath, you just need to have a quick rinse off after.

  • Refreshing

Baths can also be refreshing as well as relaxing if you prepare them correctly. A lukewarm bath can cool your skin down and help you feel energised while still setting you up to deal with stress better during the day. Make baths more refreshing by adding products that use citrus oils, such as Greentea and Grapefruit Foam Bath, as these will invigorate you and leave your skin feeling cool.

  • Moisturising

So long as baths aren't boiling hot, they allow for better moisturisation, as your skin is able to soak up any products that you add to the water over an extended period. This will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple, helping to avoid dry patches or tightness. Using highly moisturising products - like our Bath Melts - ensures that you get all the benefits even if you only have a quick bath.

Whether you prefer soaking in the bath or a quick shower, find your perfect skincare products here