Be transported with Amber & Oakmoss

Be transported with Amber & Oakmoss At this time of year we crave the warmth and cosiness of indoor spaces, but know that the freshness of the outdoors would actually revive us. Such a combination is hard to accomplish, but here at Heyland & Whittle we have managed to achieve this perfect balance in the Amber & Oakmoss fragrance. Blending the subtle warmth of amber with a dash of oakmoss helps to transport you to an invigorating space all within the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to rely on rich fragrances as the nights draw in, but one that invigorates you will help to keep the perfect mix of motivation and relaxation. A piece of amber Photo credit: iStock/HansJoachim To encapsulate the spirit of Amber & Oakmoss, we travelled to Loch Lomond to film our new video. From the mist hanging low on the mountains to the dappled sunlight through the trees, the natural landscape is an inspiration to us all. That’s why the fragrance is taglined “full of promises”, as with Amber & Oakmoss by your side the opportunities are endless. Amber is itself a natural product, with tree resin fossilised for thousands of years to create the glowing gemstone. It has such lustrous shine that it has been cherished since Neolithic times and still offers a feeling of warmth to this day. Oakmoss is a type of lichen that is found in temperate climates across Europe. It clings to the bark of oak, conifer, fir and pine trees, and it branches out in delicate strands that resemble the antlers of male deer. It varies in colour through different shades of green and white depending on whether it’s dry or wet. Oakmoss on a tree branch Photo credit: iStock/FatManPhotoUK There’s no need to head out into the wild to bring this atmosphere into your home, however, as Heyland & Whittle has done it for you. There are a selection of Amber and Oakmoss products in the Gold Classic collection - from candles to reed diffusers - that are perfect for this time of year. To be transported to the great outdoors within your own home, shop the Amber & Oakmoss collection here.