Boys allowed: Men enjoy a good pamper too

Boys allowed: Men enjoy a good pamper too

Here at Heyland & Whittle we know that men enjoy our fragrances of Sandalwood and Oud, wash their hands with our delicious Handmade Soap Bars and banish kitchen smells with the Chef’s Friend Candle in a Tin, but now the boys have a range of products for themselves.

The Men’s Collection is brand new for 2019 and we are oh so excited about it. This sophisticated set of bars and washes is everything the 21st-century man needs to feel pampered, polished and at his best.

From the top of his head to the tip of his beard and the soles of his feet, the man in your life will be well looked after. The question is, which of these products will he want to try first? Here’s a rundown of what each one has to offer:

Man enjoying a bath

Photo credit: Unsplash/Sarah Cervantes

Men’s Luxury Wash 3 in 1

If you only purchase one item for your fella then let it be the Men’s Luxury Wash 3 in 1, as it’s a brilliant catch-all for your chap’s needs. It is caring enough to be used on the face, as well as the body, and can even be applied to the hair, making it perfect if you have taken up all the shelf space in the shower with your own products.

He will fall in love with the rich, woody fragrance of Amber and Oakmoss, which encapsulates that wonderful duality of strength and warmth that we treasure in a man. This elixir will invigorate while ensuring all the skin’s natural oils are not stripped away.

Exfoliating Body Bar

Fellas now have a range of products just for them with the Heyland & Whittle Men’s Collection, which is new for 2019.

For that little bit of extra polish, pop the Exfoliating Body Bar in your basket. Infused with the same Amber and Oakmoss scent, it perfectly complements the 3 in 1 Wash and will help to build up layers of fragrance.

It is powered by poppy seeds that gently exfoliate the skin to leave it feeling fresh and glowing in a way that many men have not experienced before. With olive oil, palm and goats milk, skin will feel soft, while the herbs, spices and essential oils will transport him to a faraway paradise land.


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Men’s Haircare Set

You could buy the Hydrating Shampoo Bar on its own, but if the man in your life is of the bearded variety it’s worth investing in the Men’s Haircare Set. This classic duo will keep every hair on his head and on his face in tip top condition.

Solid shampoo is so convenient, as it can be thrown in a gym bag or easily packed for travel and this Amber and Oakwood-scented Bar lathers up to nourish the hair and scalp. He’ll be seduced by the natural formula and not want to wash his hair with anything else in future.

Hair on the face needs to be treated differently, so maintain its lustre with the Charcoal Beard Bar, which is vegetarian friendly and paraben-free. Activated charcoal is the wonder ingredient that will cleanse skin underneath your other half’s beard and prevent blocked pores.

Make sure your man is the best version of himself by shopping the new Men’s Collection here.