Cheese, wine and Heyland & Whittle soap: All better with age

Cheese, wine and Heyland & Whittle soap: All better with age

What do cheese, wine and Heyland & Whittle soap all have in common? Not only do they all smell great, but they all get better with age too.

Worried that old soap sounds like a magnet for mould and that it can't possibly be hygienic? It's absolutely fine, trust us.

All of the Heyland & Whittle Soap Bars are handmade in our factory in Crawley, Sussex, UK, using only natural ingredients and essential oils. This means that there's nothing in them that can ever really go off, so they don't have a shelf life and won't ever begin to smell 'off'. In fact, over time, their smell will only grow all the more powerful.

During the manufacturing process, our bars of soap are left to mature for eight weeks to intensify their fragrance and to ensure that you're provided with a totally solid block when you buy from us. See, your bar will already be a few months old by the time you use it for the very first time, but it still smells gorgeous, doesn't it?

Our bars of soap are left to mature for eight weeks

As you simply need to wet your soap bar and rub it over your skin to create a lather, it doesn't matter if you're doing this for the first time after purchase or after you've left your bar to dry out for a period of several months - you'll still achieve the same gloriously fragrant effect.

This is one of the reasons why our Soap Bricks are so great too. These are equivalent in size to 14 of our smaller bars, meaning they'll last you absolutely ages, but the heady aroma they emit will never go away.

We have so many lovely fragrance combinations to choose from that we know it can be tough to pick your favourite. But you could use a soap brick in one scent every morning for a few months, then put it away for a little while and swap to one with a totally different smell. When you come back to your original brick, it'll still be just as strong - simply wet it again and it'll be like you never stopped using it.

To store your soap when it's not in use, pop it in your bathroom cabinet after it's dried out to prevent leaving behind any residue. Or pick up one of our Soap Savers, which provides you with a handy block to place your soap bar on while you're having a little break from it.

All of this means that you can pack away your Winter Spice and Frankincense-scented Soap Bars for now and get them out again next Christmas, and you can switch between super-moisturising bars like our Queen of the Nile Soap and revitalising soap bars with mint and rosemary essential oils to refresh, like the Herbal Mint Soap depending on what your skin needs most at any particular time.

What does your skin need from a soap right now? Browse our collection of handmade bars for the perfect solution here