Could candlelight be good for your health?

Could candlelight be good for your health?

Lighting a candle or two in the evening can easily become a habit that you enjoy. Whether you like to enjoy the flickering light of candles when you're relaxing in the bath or appreciate them on the dinner table, there's no denying that they can help create a lovely atmosphere.

But can candlelight actually be good for your health? 

Increases relaxation

Using candles rather than bright electric lights can help you feel more relaxed and less on edge. Even dimming your usual lights and putting a few candles out can have a similar result, which is why so many people choose to have candlelit baths. 

Some have theorised that candlelight actually lowers blood pressure as a result of caveman heritage, where fire would be the only form of light during the night. We can't say whether or not this is the case, but several branches of meditation do use candles, suggesting that candlelight can successfully help you to unwind.

The relaxation effect can be increased further by choosing a candle that features a fragrance that will help you unwind. Something like our Lavender Candle from the Home Range could be the perfect choice, as the floral scent can help relax your mind and body. 

Light this candle for one to four hours in the evening - to ensure even burning - placing it somewhere close by so you can benefit from the effects of the flickering light. Put it out using our Candle Snuffer to keep your room smelling of lavender even when the candle is no longer burning.

Better sleep

Lighting a candle or two in the evening can easily become a habit that you enjoy

If you feel relaxed, there is a better chance that you'll enjoy a good night's sleep. Taking steps to unwind and forget your stress from the day not only helps you to drift off to sleep faster, it also ensures a better quality of rest.

This will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day. It also means that your body is better able to recharge itself so it can fight of illness and heal, all of which is beneficial to your health.

Lighting candles within a couple of hours of going to bed can help you to start relaxing before you to try to go to sleep. You'll feel mentally and physically prepared to go to bed, which is always the best way to get the best sleep possible.

You can make your night's sleep even better by adding a relaxing scent to your bedroom in order to continue the relaxing effect. Use our Citrus and lavender Reed Diffuser in your bedroom to help promote relaxation and help your nod off even faster.

Lower stress levels

Being able to relax and getting uninterrupted sleep both help to keep your overall stress levels low. This means that lighting candles could leave you better able to deal with daily stress, which can reduce your blood pressure and protect you from a number of illnesses. 

Regularly taking steps to relax can keep your stress levels low, so lighting your candles when you get a chance to or when you feel things getting on top of you could be beneficial. Not only will this has a physical result, it will also ensure you feel more mentally relaxed.

If you are unable to light a candle but feel your stress levels rising, why not spritz our Neroli and Rose Room Mist around? This will give an instant burst of freshness and trigger a similar relaxing feel.

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