Detox your skin this new year

Detox your skin this new year

Christmas, new year and the start of January tend to see us indulge in sweet treats, unhealthy foods and the odd alcoholic tipple. While you may be worried about the impact this will have on your waistline, there is something else that can be affected by this type of diet: your skin.

Fatty and sugary foods and drink can cause your skin to look and feel worse, as well as set off existing conditions; such as acne or eczema. This combined with the cold wet weather can mean that your skin is left needing a bit of TLC.

Taking steps to detox your skin can help it recover from the excesses of the last few months and leave it looking and feeling better. Here are some great ways to help your skin look bright and beautiful once more:

Eat green

Everything you eat affects your skin, so it is a good idea to cut out the unhealthy treats - or at least cut down - and add more foods like fresh fruit and vegetables to your daily diet. These will ensure you're getting more vitamins and minerals, which your skin needs to repair itself. 

Foods that contain antioxidants are also a good choice, as these help to reduce the damage done by free radicals on your skin. Dark berries are chock full of antioxidants that can help clear your skin and repair the damage that Christmas has done to it. 

Drink more water

Your entire body relies on getting enough water on a daily basis. Not only is water vital the way your body functions, it also serves as the simplest detox. 

Drinking plenty of water every day allows your system to flush out toxins, which can affect your overall health as well as your skin. Getting rid of toxins can mean you're less prone to breakouts, while the added hydration will reduce dry spots.  

Ensuring you drink at least eight glasses of water a day will also help to replenish water in your cells, helping your skin appear firmer and plumper, so it is definitely a good idea to keep a bottle to hand.

Avoid chemicals

Our skin is already subjected to plenty of chemicals on a day-to-day basis without you putting more on it. Dirt and pollution in the air can affect your skin, leaving it looking dull and feeling grimy, so think how much worse it can be if you use products that are full of chemicals.

Taking steps to detox your skin can help it recover from the excesses of the last few months

Rather than using skincare products that contain potentially-harmful additives - such as parabens and sulphates - opt for natural alternatives. Not only are natural skin care products better for your skin, they are usually more effective too.

Using things like coconut oil to remove makeup and as a night moisturiser can help soothe your skin, provide effective cleansing, deeply moisturise and even out oil production. This essentially means that one product can do the job of many chemical-laden varieties.  

You'll also find that our traditional soap bars are ideal for cleansing your face, body and hands. They are completely natural, making use of moisturising oils, natural colourings and essential oils. Each of them has a different fragrance and offers different properties.  

Switching to a soap bar from chemical cleansers could help leave your skin in much better condition with minimal fuss. 

Go makeup free

You'd be surprised what a difference a few days of not wearing makeup can make to your skin. Makeup products can block your pores and stop your skin from breathing, which can cause issues if your skin is already experiencing problems.

While you'll likely want to pop makeup on when you go to work or head out, if you're staying in for a day, try and leave your skin bare. It can even pay to reduce the amount of makeup your wear on a day-to-day basis, with the improvements in your skin possibly meaning you can make this change permanent.

It is also important to make sure you remove all makeup in the evening before bed to allow the skin to breathe. 

While these tips will help your skin recover from recent festivities, it is a good idea to keep up with them to ensure your skin looks and feels its best at all times.  

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