Did you know spices are great for your skin?

Did you know spices are great for your skin?

We're always on the lookout for things that help give us better skin. From new creams to fancy washes, you've probably tried the lot. However, you may not have thought to take a look at your spice rack to see how ingredients you usually pop in your cooking can help improve your complexion.

That's right, spices can actually be good for your skin, helping it to remain clear, toned and beautiful. This doesn't mean you should start rubbing paprika on your face - in fact, we really don't recommend this - but it could help you choose products that are a little bit different.

Spices aren't just great for curries, using them in masks, washes and scrubs for your face and the rest of your body can help deal with problem areas and ensure your skin looks brighter. Not all of them are suitable for use in beauty products and they may not be ideal for all skin types, but you may find that spices are your skin saviour.

So how exactly can they help with your complexion?

Spices increase blood flow

One of the biggest benefits of using spices in skincare is that they help to boost blood flow. Putting spicy products on your skin will help improve the amount of blood flowing throughout all its layers, which helps to brighten your face.

Improved blood flow in your skin helps ensure it is getting more oxygen and nutrients, while also helping to flush away waste products and anything that could cause breakouts or other problems. On top of this, it also allows your skin to heal faster if you have experienced any problems, meaning that spots could disappear much quicker than normal. 

You're likely to notice a difference even after one use of a spicey skincare product so will probably wonder why you haven't given it a try before.

Improve skin texture

Some spices actually help to improve the texture of your skin due to the fact they offer gentle exfoliation. You don't need to scrub your skin really hard to see a difference, no matter what type of product you're using, but due to the fine grainy texture of ground spices, they help to lift dirt and dead skin cells with even less effort.

We're always on the lookout for things that help give us better skin

This means you'll be left with smoother skin that is better able to breathe. It could also help to reduce blocked pores and blackheads, as well as spots that are caused by dirt and excess oil. If you wear makeup, this will also allow for easier application, which is always a bonus.

Have antibacterial properties

Many spices have antibacterial properties so they actively fight infection and bacteria. This means they can be beneficial for acne prone skin as they can reduce spots and leave complexions a lot clearer. 

They can also be beneficial when it comes to helping injuries heal or reducing the chances of infection from ingrown hairs. You can boost this property by adding spices to honey to create a face wash, which is another strong natural antibacterial product.

Reduce signs of ageing

Instead of using every lotion and potion under the sun to fight wrinkles, you can just use spicy skincare. Many spices help to ward off the signs of ageing in a number of ways, making them incredibly effective.

Spices can help skin heal, fight off free radicals and lighten it, including things like age spots. On top of this, the fact that they increase blood flow helps your skin to better produce collagen, which is responsible for keeping it looking plump. Some spices even actively aid in boosting collagen levels further. 

This means that a spicy skincare routine could help you remain looking youthful and fresh-faced for years to come.

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It also contains oats and poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation for your face, hands and body. This will leave you with soft, smooth and brighter skin in moments.

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