Do something different this Valentine’s Day

Do something different this Valentine's Day

The most romantic month of the year has arrived, meaning it's time to start thinking about how you can spoil your partner on February 14th. Even though Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, there is still plenty you can do to celebrate your relationship. 

Of course, you can also do Valentine's early by making a weekend of it, giving you more opportunities to surprise and spoil the one you love. However you want to get romantic this February, it is a good idea to steer clear of the typical February 14th cliches.

While everyone enjoys a romantic meal out, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates, they aren't the most personal options. As the day should be all about your relationship, it is a good idea to move away from the typical ways of celebrating and do something a little bit different. 

If you're not sure what you fancy doing this Valentine's Day, we've had a think about what we would love to be surprised with in order to give you a few ideas.

Build a cosy fort

You may have spent time when you were younger making forts out of pillows and blankets, or you may even do it now for your kids, but this can be a nice way to spend an evening together. 

Create a cosy fort using light sheets and plenty of pillows so you can both get comfortable and relax. Add soft lighting, such as fairy lights, to create a romantic glow and have wine and good food - even if it's their favourite takeaway - at the ready to make an evening of it. 

Whether you want to watch a film, binge a series on Netflix or just sit and talk, everything is better when done inside a blanket fort. 

If you can't make a fort, why not spread pillows over the floor for you to sit on and place candles around your room? This will create a similar atmosphere and still be romantic. 

Go zorbing

Steer clear of the typical February 14th cliches this Valentine's Day

If you and your partner prefer thrill seeking to romance, why not do something that allows you to enjoy this together? While doing a bungee jump or skydive isn't necessarily for everyone, especially if you're planning a surprise, something more unusual like zorbing could be ideal.

This basically means you both get strapped inside a giant inflatable ball and rolled down a hill. It is safe, fun and totally different so they'll definitely remember this Valentine's Day for all the right reasons. After this, you can enjoy your typical Valentine's meal without it being boring.

Cooking class

Rather than going out for dinner, you can make it together by going to a cooking class. This can be a great way to learn a new skill and do something fun together while still enjoying a typical part of Valentine's Day.

Find a restaurant that does masterclasses in a cuisine that you both like and surprise them with a day or evening of whipping up delicious treats. If they have a sweet tooth, you could find a chocolate class, while fans of cocktails may want to learn how to mix up some classics.

There are a lot of options depending on both of your tastes, with any class guaranteed to ensure you have a bit of a laugh. You never know, you might find that classes are the ultimate date idea. 

Couple's spa session

If your partner deserves a pamper, treat them - and yourself - to a couple's spa treatment. You can do this for a whole day, the full weekend or just an evening depending on your budget. 

Choose some great treatments you know they'll appreciate or present them with a menu so they can make their own selection and then you can both unwind together. Finish the treatment with some champagne and you're sure to get a lot of brownie points.

If your budget won't stretch to a spa, create your own by running them a relaxing bath with our luxurious bath melts and plenty of candlelight or by giving them a massage with our beautiful Neroli and Rose bath and massage oil

However you spoil your partner this Valentine's Day, be sure to pamper them with the perfect H&W gift set