Does your skincare routine need to change now spring has arrived?

Does your skincare routine need to change now spring has arrived?

Thankfully, the flurry of snow that we had just a few weeks ago now seems like a distant memory and there is definitely a feeling of spring in the air. It's getting lighter earlier and the evenings are getting longer, and it's finally warm enough to venture outside in just a light jacket and without a scarf.

With this very welcome change in the weather, there is often a shift in how you feel about yourself. It's a lovely feeling being able to wear less bulky clothes that you feel more confident in, having the time to do your hair knowing it's not going to be immediately messed up by a hat and finally unleashing your hands from the confines of gloves and mittens.

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And without those hats, gloves and scarves, your skin is going to be more exposed to the fresh spring air, meaning it'll be in need of a slightly different kind of TLC than it required in winter.

Exfoliate the winter away

Exfoliating regularly throughout the winter months using one of our Body Scrubs helps to keep your skin feeling silky and smooth despite the harsher elements. When you finally decide to embrace your spring wardrobe and pack away your winter armour for another year, treat your skin to one final thorough exfoliating session.

Get rid of the last of your flaky, dead skin from the cold months once and for all. Our Body Scrubs are available in several gorgeous springtime scents including sweet Neroli & Rose and the fragrant floral Lily & Ylang Ylang, so they're perfect for giving your skin a burst of spring freshness as you pamper yourself.

After this last intense 'goodbye winter' exfoliating session, you shouldn't need to scrub your skin with our natural sea salt granule and bamboo mix quite as often throughout the spring and summer. But it's always lovely to have the choice if you want to make your skin feel a little plumper or you suffer from particularly flaky skin, so keep a body scrub at close hand, just in case.

Springy and smooth

There is definitely a feeling of spring in the air

Straight after exfoliating - and every morning, regardless of the time of year - it's essential that you moisturise your skin. Using a Hand Lotion regularly and a Body Lotion for everywhere else helps to keep all of the nourishment that you're providing your skin locked in, making you look radiant; exactly what you want now that spring is here.

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Our range of lotions are also available in a variety of beautiful scents that are absolutely perfect for springtime, so make sure you start using them as part of your daily routine and you'll soon find winter hard to remember thanks to your new permanent healthy glow.

Keep cool

Warmer sunshine days are on their way and for those of us with oily skin, getting a little too hot and sweaty can unfortunately lead to unpleasant outbreaks of spots and an unwelcome shine on our faces.

Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water can help to keep this to a minimum, but using a handmade soap packed with natural ingredients that's specially designed for oilier skin types can also help significantly.

Our Citrus Grove Soap Bar, for example, is full of natural essential oils from citrus fruits, which will help to balance out the oiliness of your skin, while our Herbal Mint Soap Bar will have a similar effect.

Remember that your skincare routine needs to change with the seasons, so each time you begin to feel a shift in the weather, reassess the nourishment that you're giving your skin.

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