Father’s Day gift guide: Dads love H&W too

Father's Day gift guide: Dads love H&W too

What do you get for the dad who has everything this Father's Day? Dads can be difficult to buy for, especially as there are only so many tools, books and DVDs one man can own. 

However, you don't have to stick to the traditional types of gifts given for Father's Day, especially if you know your dad may appreciate a bit of a pamper come June 21st. 

Why not treat your dad to some Heyland and Whittle products this year? Whether he likes to go all out with his skincare regime or could simply do with some really good soap, we have the perfect gift for everyone.

In fact, you can spoil him a little bit more, as we are offering you 15% off all orders over £30 made through our site until the end of June 21st with the code PATER15. So what should you get your dad this Father's Day?


All dads need a good soap. Whether your pops has problem skin, needs something to get rid of dirt and grime or just likes to use a bar rather than a shower gel, a Soap Stack could be the ideal little gift this Father's Day. 

The stack comes with three full-sized soaps - Oatmeal and Spice, Citrus Grove and Hemp and Walnut - that each come with different fragrances and benefits, meaning your dad is covered for all eventualities.  

Oatmeal and Spice is full of poppy seeds and oats, which provide a gentle level of exfoliation and ensure a deep clean. This is great for both face and body and has a fruity fragrance with a hint of spiciness that your dad is sure to love.

For the perfect wake-up call, the stack has a bar of Citrus Grove Soap. This features a blend of citrus oils for a really fresh scent that is ideal for early mornings. The oils also mean it is ideal for use on oily skin.

Find the perfect present to show your dad you care on Father's Day

Our Hemp and Walnut is the ideal dad soap as it will help to care for his skin and add moisture, so it is great for those who just want to wash and go. Hemp oil helps to heal the skin and is chock full of skin-friendly vitamins. This soap is also ideal for shaving, so your dad is sure to love this multi-use bar.

Gift Box

If you think your dad will enjoy these three soaps but you want to present them to him in a different way or want to include a couple of extra bits that he might find helpful, our Men's Gift Box could be the ideal present.

Rather than a stack of soaps tied up with a ribbon, this gift comes in a neat Heyland and Whittle box. Once again, it contains the three full-sized bars of soap, but it also includes a branded sisal nail brush and a soap brush.

The sisal nail brush will come in handy if your dad is often found in the garden or playing the mechanic, as it will help to remove dirt and oil from hands and under fingernails. 

The wooden soap saver will ensure that the soaps are kept in the best possible condition, meaning he'll get plenty of use out of them before they run out. It's also a great way to show people that that is his bar of soap.

Shower Gel

For those dads who may not get much use out of a bar of soap, our range of shower gels offers a number of different scents that he may enjoy.

All of our shower gels are fragranced naturally, so they offer a different experience from other high street options. As well as smelling great, they also include moisturising ingredients that will take care of your dad's skin without him realising, while the gentle formula is perfect for all skin types.

He may enjoy some of the fresh scents, which are less sweet and floral than others in the range. Fragrances like Greentea and Grapefruit and Olive and Fig are really lovely and could be the perfect everyday pamper for your dad.