Festival season has arrived: Glamping beauty must-haves

Festival season has arrived: Glamping beauty must-haves

Glamping, as its name suggests, has certainly made camping a much more glamorous pursuit in recent years; it's the perfect option if you're going to an outdoor festival this summer but don't want to leave too many of your home comforts behind.

Elaborate hairstyles, stylish outfits and glitter-adorned faces are very popular at festivals today - a far cry from the mud-soaked jeans and oversized waterproof coats of the past.

However, no matter how glam your hair and make-up plans or how luxurious your sleeping arrangements, the queues for festival showers remain a nightmare. And do you really want to spend hours queuing for them when you could be watching your favourite band?

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Pack one of our nourishing Hand Lotions

Wet wipes and antibacterial handwash quickly become your best friend on a camping or glamping trip, but there's no reason you can't still enjoy a few beauty treats to leave you feeling a little more pampered and refreshed.

Keep moisturised and smelling fresh

Antibacterial handwash can quickly dry your hands out, so it's important to keep them nicely moisturised at the same time. Pack one of our nourishing Hand Lotions to keep in your tent. With their soothing and naturally moisturising mix of aloe vera oil, lavender, comfrey and vitamin E alongside stunning fragrances, you'll automatically feel a little cleaner and certainly much nicer-smelling after applying some to your hands.

Slip a Body Lotion into your rucksack too. Having to skip a shower for several days can be pretty unpleasant, but covering yourself in a beautiful scented lotion in a sweet, summery fragrance like Citrus & Lavender or Greentea & Grapefruit can make you feel much fresher and hide that unwashed smell. Remember, everyone's in the same boat at a festival, so no one's likely to notice anyway!

Banish unpleasant festival smells

Space can be pretty tight at festivals, so you may find yourselves having to pitch up in an area of the campsite you would have preferred to avoid, such as near the toilets. At the same time, leaving damp coats and wellies to dry near your tent can leave it smelling less than fresh.

You can avoid these unpleasant smells by packing one of our Pongone Room Sprays in your bag and spritzing it around your tent whenever you feel the need to. The 100ml spray contains an odour neutraliser and a gorgeous rose and peony scent, meaning it's ideal for covering up bad smells.

Pop one of our mini handmade soap bars in your rucksack too, in case you do beat the shower queue! Shop them here