Forget the tricks, treat the adults this Halloween

Forget the tricks, treat the adults this Halloween

You know the score: the kids have been going on about Halloween since they started back at school in September and the shops have been full of garish plastic masks and costumes. You’ve put together fancy dress outfits and made last minute changes, stocked up on sweets for trick or treaters and are resigned to the idea that you’ll be knocking on the doors of neighbourhood houses in the cold for a couple of hours.

That’s it, you’ve done your bit. Whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, it’s time to put all the tricks the kids have employed to one side and treat yourself. That means returning home to a warm and cosy house, scented with your favourite fragrances and relaxing into a hot bath, complete with everything you need for a well-deserved pampering session.

For a spot of inspiration, you could check out the scents we reckon some of our favourite Halloween characters would go for. Alternatively, detox from all the sugar-fuelled craziness of spooky season with some of our best Candles, Diffusers, Soaps, Washes and Lotions.

Close the curtains and light some candles

Photo credit: Unsplash/Rebecca Peterson-Hall

Turn off all the lights and pretend there’s nobody home with our Citrus Lavender Candle in a Glass. Let the trick or treaters pass by without realising you’re enjoying the gentle glow of this soy candle and its relaxing scent behind the tightly drawn curtains of your living room.

Treat the adults this Halloween with Heyland & Whittle after the kids have got all their spooky shenanigans out of the way.

Soak away all the stress of Halloween with a proper pampering session. We suggest starting off with lots of bubbles from our Clementine & Prosecco Luxury Foam Bath. This zesty scent will transport you miles away from the sugary sweetness of all that Halloween candy and the glycerin in the formula will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft.

Feel yourself enveloped in the fragrance by topping it up with the matching Clementine & Prosecco Hand & Body Lotion afterwards. Spend some time gently rubbing it into your skin before putting on your favourite robe and feeling like a completely different person to the one who was escorting a witch and a zombie around the streets of your town just hours before.


Photo credit: Unsplash/Scott Webb

If you are answering the door to trick or treaters this Halloween, then spare a thought for the harried parents who wouldn’t be reaching for the bell or knocker if they had their own way. As well as handing out sweets to the kids, perhaps consider a little something for the adults.

Imagine their delight if they come away from your doorstep with a Mini Favour Soap Bar or a lovely little bottle of Hand & Body Wash from our Travel Collection. Nobody said that Halloween had to be just about the children and here at Heyland & Whittle we love acknowledging the great job parents all over the country are doing raising their kids.

Stock up on everything you need as an antidote to Halloween here.