Free your pores with activated charcoal

Free your pores with activated charcoal

Activated charcoal seems to be everywhere at the moment, with fans using it to whiten their teeth and pop in their lattes to detox their bodies. While there seem to be a lot of uses for this versatile ingredient, we propose the place to see its best benefits is on your skin.

A number of properties, including its porous nature, make charcoal something of a skin saviour and here at Heyland & Whittle we think you’ll love it once you’ve tried it. Our Charcoal Bar takes the best quality activated charcoal and combines it with a variety of the purest ingredients to give your skin everything it needs to glow.

Activated charcoal bar

What exactly is activated charcoal?

If you’re going to trust a new ingredient with your skin then you’ll want to know what you’re dealing with. Activated charcoal has been heated to an extreme temperature that enables it to trap toxins and bacteria, making it the perfect ingredient to take away any unwanted elements on your skin.

How can it help my pores?

All of us have pores in our skin to enable it to sweat and release oils, but most of us want these to appear as small as possible. When they get blocked, they can look larger and create problems, such as spots. Charcoal is very effective at pulling dirt and toxins out of these pores, leaving them clear and allowing your skin to breathe.

Close up of a woman's face

Activated charcoal is super effective at clearing pores of dirt and toxins, leaving skin glowing and healthy.

Photo credit: Unsplash/Amanda Dalbjörn

Is it good for all skin types?

Everybody’s skin is different, so each of us require ingredients that promote a variety of specific properties. Yet charcoal ticks many boxes due to its multitasking ability. People with oily skin will benefit from its super absorbency, taking excess oil away from the face and other areas.

Those with combination skin will want to use the charcoal on their T-zone, which is likely to be the area that produces more oil. Minimise its use on your cheeks, as this is where the driest areas tend to be. If you have sensitive skin and are worried about trying a new product, rest assured that charcoal is totally natural and gentle to skin. 

Anybody lucky enough to have ‘normal skin’ can use activated charcoal to boost its glow and avoid getting spots. Your pores will thank you for it!

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