Get sandal ready: Summer foot care for beautiful feet

Get sandal ready: Summer foot care for beautiful feet

The weather is starting to heat up, and while this can cause a number of changes, a big one is the type of footwear you'll be wearing over the next few months. As the temperatures rise, more and more people kick off their chunky, warm shoes and opt to show off their feet in sandals. 

This isn't just a fashion statement, it is also practical. After all, your feet can get hot when kept in shoes all day, which can also make you feel like you're overheating. Wearing sandals can be a lot more comfortable, whether you're in the UK or heading to even sunnier climes.

However, sandals also mean that a lot more of your feet will be on display. As they are often the most neglected area of the body, this can mean they look a bit worse for wear.

Things like dry skin, cracked heels or untrimmed toenails can not only look bad, but also be quite uncomfortable. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to give your feet a bit of a pamper.

Here are some great ways to care for your toes this summer and ensure your feet look and feel good for the entire season:

Smoothly does it

Regularly giving your feet a bit of a scrub can help to get rid of dry skin and calluses, leaving them a lot smoother. Not only does this make them look better in your favourite pair of sandals, it can actually make your feet ache less.

Failing to scrub your feet regularly can see hard areas of skin - calluses - form where your shoes tend to rub or put pressure on your feet. These can cause pain when you walk or be incredibly uncomfortable.

Simply soak your feet in warm water - you can even add bath foam or oil for a bit of moisture and fragrance - for ten to 15 minutes before giving them a good scrub. You can use a pumice stone, foot scrub or even our Exfoliating Sisal Bag.

Keep feet looking and feeling good for the whole of sandal season with these easy tips

Doing this regularly will get rid of calluses and stop them forming again, so your feet will look great all summer.

Plenty of moisture

As well as including something nice and moisturising in the water when you're soaking your feet, you also need to use a moisturising lotion regularly. This will help to avoid rough and tough skin, as well as help to reduce the appearance of and protect against cracked heels.

It is a good idea to moisturise your feet just before bed, as this will give your skin a chance to soak up as much of the lotion as possible. The bottoms of your feet need moisture too, so avoid putting lotion on when you will be walking around within a few minutes, as this will rub it off.

When it comes to what you use on your feet, give one of our hand lotions a try. These are designed to moisturise skin that is usually exposed to the elements and is used to hard work, as well as being great for your nails. This means they can also be used on your feet.

Something like our Greentea and Grapefruit Hand Lotion is ideal for soothing hot, tired feet. It contains aloe vera to cool your skin, while vitamin E helps to repair damage. You'll feel a difference as soon as you put it on and will soon notice how much better your feet feel and look.

Regular trims

One of the most unsightly things when it comes to your feet is untrimmed nails. Not only can this look bad, it can also cause other problems, as your nails can become quite thick or start to in-grow, both of which can be quite painful.

You should regularly use nail scissors to trim your toenails down to a comfortable length, without going too short. It is a good idea to also file the corners of your nails down - especially on your big toes - to avoid sharp corners, as these can dig into the skin as your nails grow.

Of course, you can always make your nails look even better by giving them a coat of nail polish. Both clear and coloured choices look great and can be the finishing touch to your summer style.