Have a good soak: Why baths are good for you

Have a good soak: Why baths are good for you

It can be hard to make the time for a really good pamper or to allow yourself to relax. Most of us are guilty of just jumping in the shower for a few minutes and getting ready for our day as a matter of routine, but are we missing out on a better option?

There's no denying that showers are practical and convenient, but not allowing yourself the time to have a good long soak in the tub can actually mean you miss out on a number of health benefits.

That's right, baths are actually good for you! If you don't believe us, here are some of the great benefits they offer:

Help relieve stress

Baths are an easy way to relieve some of the stress you deal with on a day to day basis. This is partly due to the fact that the warm water helps your muscles to relax, which can leave you feeling a lot less tense.

However, the biggest reason baths are excellent at helping you to de-stress is that they actually lower your blood pressure. This means your whole body can start to relax, which has an effect on your mind too.

Essentially, you really can wash all your worries away with a nice hot bath. The effects can be felt for a while after you get out of the bath too, meaning bathing is the perfect way to start or end your day.

You can boost the relaxing factor of your bath with the right fragrance too. Our Citrus and Lavender Foam Bath will help you to chill out even more while also leaving you feeling revived.

Good for your skin

Baths are an easy way to relieve some of the stress you deal with on a day to day basis

Having a warm bath will open the pores of your skin, allowing for a really deep clean that will leave your skin looking clearer and brighter. 

This is ideal whether you have troubled skin or not, as pores can become blocked with dirt or the skin's natural oils, which causes spots or blackheads. Regular baths can help to reduce your chances of experiencing a breakout and improve the texture of your skin.

If you add a moisturising product to your bath, you'll be able to benefit from highly nourished skin too. Our Bath Melts are full of shea butter, which will moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. You can find out how best to use them here.  

A better night's sleep

Many people find that having a bath actually allows them to have a better night's sleep, even if they suffer from insomnia. This is because your mind becomes relaxed as your body does, and vice versa. 

This can mean that ending your day with a hot bath will ensure you have a restful night with high-quality sleep, rather than an interrupted night where you find it hard to drop off. You'll also wake up feeling reinvigorated and ready to face the day, which is a big bonus.

During the winter, better sleep has another effect, as it actually helps boost your immune system. This means you'll be better able to fight off colds and illnesses that seem to circulate during the colder season.

Try adding a few drops of our Rose and Neroli Bath and Massage Oil to the tub while the water is running for a relaxing, moisturising and fragrant bath that will help you drift off quickly. You could even team it with a few spritzes of our Room Mist in your bedroom after your bath to help you stay relaxed.

With all these benefits, it really does make sense to make time for at least one bath during your busy week.