Here’s what every man needs to know about skincare

Here's what every man needs to know about skincare

Skincare isn't typically top of a man's list of priorities, unless they're an out and proud 'metrosexual'. Men are more likely to have felt baffled at just how many beauty products their female relatives have or wondered what on earth the point is of putting yet another cream on their faces.

But looking after your skin does make a difference. You might not have seen an immediate effect in your partner's skin, but over time, the change will definitely be evident. Establishing a skincare routine takes patience, but you only need to keep it simple to reap the benefits.

You don't have to worry about smelling all floral and girly either - there are plenty of products in the Heyland & Whittle range with a much more manly smell that won't give it away to your mates down the pub that you've been moisturising!

Cleanse your skin

Cleansing your skin is the first - and arguably most important step - to establishing a good skincare routine. Cleansing will rid your pores of the dirt, sweat and bacteria that you can't necessarily see but inevitably builds up over time.

You don't need to buy a fancy cleanser to do this - just splash your face with cold water every morning and before you go to bed, drying yourself off with a towel. We told you it was simple.

Post-shaving TLC

Daily shaving can be pretty tough on your skin. Even after decades of practice, it's likely that you still end up with the occasional nick, and if your facial hair is fast-growing, the battle between smoothness and stubble can be never-ending. Applying aftershave can leave a harsh sting on the sensitive skin on your face too, so it's important to look after it.

Our Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar will soothe your skin post-shave

Wash your face with soap and water after shaving to make sure there aren't any errant hairs clogging your pores. Using a soap that contains natural healing ingredients like our Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar will soothe your skin post-shave; as it features natural hemp oil, it is also highly moisturising, so will leave your face looking and feeling youthful and smooth.

Hemp & Walnut has an earthy, nutty smell - we told you that you wouldn't need to worry about smelling like your wife. You can't go wrong with the scent of our Tea Tree Soap Bar either, or opt for our Oatmeal & Spice Soap. Featuring naturally exfoliating oatmeal, this one is particularly good at getting rid of dead skin cells.

Moisturise daily

Using a moisturising soap bar is one step, but applying a body lotion will help to lock in even more moisture to your skin once you've dried off after a shower. This will be especially beneficial if you suffer from dry patches of skin. Our Greentea & Grapefruit Body Lotion smells more refreshing and fruity than floral scents, making it perfect for men.

Look after your hands

Everyone's hands can feel dry and chapped from time to time, especially during the autumn and winter months. But if you have an outdoor job or are regularly handling rough-feeling materials like rope or bricks in your work, it's likely that your hands will be in a particularly rough condition.

Applying a hand lotion twice a day will keep your hands moisturised, stopping them from getting cracked in the cold, leaving them feeling much smoother than before. Go for our Greentea & Grapefruit Hand Lotion to match your new body lotion, or our Coconut, Vanilla & Blackpepper Hand Lotion for a more peppery, masculine smell.

Real men aren't ashamed of looking after their skin - they know that even a basic skincare routine will keep them looking younger and make their skin feel good too.

Not all of our products are floral and girly - shop our full skincare range here