Heyland & Whittle soap bars are getting bigger!

Heyland & Whittle soap bars are getting bigger!

We've got some exciting news for you: our handmade soap bars are getting bigger!

You used to be able to get 95 grams of our natural soap, but we know just how much you love our soap bars, so we've increased this to 120 grams for our most popular fragrances.

This means that your favourite Heyland & Whittle soap will now last for longer, making them better value for money, and they'll also look like a more generous gift when you're buying them for friends and family.

So which of our soaps can you now buy in 120g bars?

Your favourite Heyland & Whittle soap will now last for longer

For fans of floral fragrances, both the Rose Soap Bar and the Lavender Soap Bar have increased in size, as has our gorgeous Queen of the Nile Soap Bar, which features ylang, ylang and patchouli, along with goat's milk, cocoa butter and sweet orange.

The Lily & Ylang Ylang Soap Bar and Jasmine & Lilac Soap Bar have also been made bigger, meaning you'll be spoilt for choice when trying to decide which flowery scent to purchase first.

Our larger soap bars aren't just available in floral, girly fragrances though, as the Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar, Herbal Mint Soap Bar, Seaweed Soap Bar and Citrus Grove Soap Bar have all grown in size too, providing a choice of refreshing and earthy scents for all the family.

If you're ready to start feeling festive, our Winter Spice Soap Bar is also available as a 120g bar. With notes of orange, cloves and cinnamon, plus naturally-exfoliating oatmeal and poppy seeds, it's the perfect soap for this time of year, leaving you smelling just like Christmas and helping to get rid of any dry or flaky skin.

All of our soaps bars and bricks are handmade with natural ingredients - check out the full range here