Holiday packing tips you need to know

Holiday packing tips you need to know

August is the month for summer holidays and we're sure many of you are getting set to jet off to sunnier climes this month. This means packing your suitcases in the best possible way to ensure you've got everything you could possibly need when lounging by the pool

Even those of you who are holidaying in the UK and aren't subject to airline baggage limits will probably want to limit the amount of space your luggage takes up - especially if you're using public transport - so it really does pay to have some tricks up your sleeve.

To help you fit everything in your suitcase ready for your holiday, we've got some great packing tips. Read on to see how you could save space this summer:

Wear your heavier items

It's surprising how much space a pair of trainers or a jacket can take up in your suitcase, not to mention how much heavier it can make your bag. This can mean that you're left having to leave things behind as you can't fit them in your luggage.

Save yourself some space by wearing your heavy items and packing lighter clothes and shoes in your suitcase. This means you'll have more space while being able to remove layers once you arrive at your destination so you don't overheat.

Use sandwich bags

There's nothing worse than the panic that can come when you think you've left something important behind because it has become buried in your suitcase. You'd be surprised how easily phone chargers and medications can disappear into your clothes!

Pack light this holiday season

Save yourself the panic by separating small, loose items like this into resealable sandwich bags. This allows you to put everything in one place in your suitcase without things getting tangled. It also means you'll be able to find what you need much easier.

Fill 'empty' space

There is a lot more space in your suitcase than you might think, as things like shoes offer the perfect place for small items. You can use the 'empty' space inside shoes or half filled makeup bags for things like socks and swimsuits.

This means you take up the same amount of space but can fit more in your suitcase, which makes it much easier to save room for souvenirs.

Make use of your hand luggage

It may be unlikely that your suitcase goes missing during the journey to your destination, but it does happen. This is why it is a good idea to pop your main essentials and expensive items - such as jewellery - in your hand luggage. 

Carrying things like swimwear and a change of clothes with you onto the plane means you'll be set until you get to a shop if your luggage does vanish. It also means that you can put your swimsuit on as soon as you arrive to maximise the time you have by the pool.

Leave full-sized cosmetics at home

Another thing that takes up a lot of space in your luggage is cosmetics. Packing full-sized products can make your suitcase incredibly heavy and increase the chances of a leak. If you're only going away for a week or two, you won't need a full bottle of shower gel, so it makes sense to leave them at home.

Instead, pack small, travel-sized cosmetics - such as those in our Luxury Travel Wash Set - which have just the perfect amount of product in and will save you a lot of space. The bag the products come in also means you can keep everything together and any leaks won't affect your clothes.

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