Household items that could affect your skin

Household items that could affect your skin

So many things can cause problems with your skin, from the products you use to the food you eat. However, many people don't consider what items in your home can affect the look and feel of your skin.

There are household items that you come into contact with on a daily basis that can actually cause or worsen skin complaints. In fact, they can have such an effect that it can feel like nothing you do for your skin actually helps.

Here are some of the items in your home that might be negatively impacting your skin:

Mobile phones

Your phone gathers a lot of bacteria throughout the day. Every time you touch it, it adds more, while carrying it around in your bag or pocket only increases the bacteria count. When you talk on the phone, this allows the bacteria to transfer to your face, which can cause spots, rashes and other issues.

It's a good idea to clean your phone on a daily basis with antibacterial wipes to help avoid it from affecting your complexion.


many people don't consider what items in your home can affect your skin

Over time, your bedding gathers dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria, all of which can impact your skin in a negative way. The longer you leave bedding between washes, the worse the results can get. 

This is why you should be washing all your bedding regularly. It is also a good idea to wash your pillows and duvets a couple of times a year and replace them when they start to look worse for wear.


Whether you wear glasses all the time, for reading or just reach for sunglasses on a bright day, when they are dirty, they can really affect your skin. Oil, bacteria and makeup easily build up on them so be sure to wipe them down properly between uses - and not just the lenses!

Household cleaners

All the chemicals in your household cleaners can affect your skin, especially if it is sensitive or prone to getting dry. Many of us clean when we can and don't think to cover our skin or have a shower afterwards, but this can cause problems.

Make sure you wear long sleeves and rubber gloves when using household cleaners and wash any skin that comes into contact with them, including your face, after you're done.

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