How bath melts create the ultimate relaxing soak

How bath melts create the ultimate relaxing soak

Melt is a word used to describe all of the best sensations; bubbling cheese on top of hot toast; the oozing centre revealed when you slice into a chocolate fondant; the gorgeous cheesy overspill of a baked camembert; that feeling in your tummy when you see that special someone; the bubbling froth of Heyland & Whittle's bath melts as you gently drop them into a hot bath.

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Melt suggests luxury, it suggest decadence and it suggests pleasure - all of which are encompassed by our beautiful bath melts.

Add something extra special to your bath

A hot bubble bath is incredibly relaxing at any time, but by adding a few extra special touches, it can be an even more wonderfully calming experience and the true highlight of your day.

Commercially mass-produced bubble baths often contain chemicals, as well as artificial scents and colourings that aren't necessarily the kindest to your skin. But there's no need to use one of these if you're using a Heyland & Whittle bath melt, which are packed with natural ingredients that will be much kinder to your skin.

Take our Shea Butter Bath Melts, for example. They contain cocoa butter and shea butter, both of which are incredibly moisturising and will fill your bath with a beautifully fragrant creamy smoothness. There are three different festive scents from our Celebration Collection in the bag - frankincense, myrrh and gold, inspired by the Christmas story and making the perfect gift.

A hot bubble bath is incredibly relaxing at any time

If your inner Scrooge is at play and you'd rather not have to bring Christmas into your bath, our Bath Melts in a Bag set features a cornflower, a marigold and a rose bath melt - three gorgeously floral fragrances containing petals and natural oils for a beautiful bathing experience.

A gorgeous gift

Bath melts aren't just a lovely treat for yourself, but they also provide a gorgeous gift and could be just what you're looking for in the run-up to Christmas.

Our Neroli & Rose Gift Set features one of our sweet-smelling Rose Soap Bars, a mini Neroli & Rose Candle and two rose-scented shea butter bath melts, which provide the perfect kit for the ultimate relaxing pamper session.

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There's also a Citrus & Lavender Gift Set, featuring a handmade soap bar and candle, as well as two lavender bath melts. Lavender is well-known for its soothing, calming properties, so this one would be ideal for a loved one who needs a little help unwinding or getting off to sleep occasionally.

With a candle gently flickering, a sensationally fragrant bath melt and naturally nourishing handmade soap, you can turn every bath into a special occasion. And the pampering doesn't have to stop when you've dried off; use one of our silky Body Lotions to lock in all of that moisture from your soak and leave your skin feeling amazingly smooth.

We have a large collection of soaps, washes and lotions to make every bath a luxurious soak. Browse our full range here