How can lavender benefit your health?

How can lavender benefit your health?

A huge number of natural ingredients that are used for their fragrance actually offer a range of health benefits. One such ingredient is lavender, which not only smells lovely but can be beneficial in several ways.

This means that our Citrus and Lavender product range could help you with certain aspects of your health. To help you see if this scent could be right for you for more reasons than its smell, here are some of the health benefits of lavender:

Stress relief

Lavender actually helps reduce stress through physiological responses. The scent of lavender triggers a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure, helping your mind and body feel calmer.

This will ultimately lead your muscles to relax, helping you feel less tense and reducing any aches you might have. As you feel more of a physical response to lavender, your mind will also feel less anxious.

You can benefit from these responses by lighting our Citrus and Lavender candle when you get home from work or from a particularly stressful day, which will help you unwind.

Encourages sleep

Lavender smells great and has a number of health benefits

Not only do these responses mean that lavender can help you relax, they can also help you drift off to sleep faster and enjoy a better quality of sleep. This could help if you suffer from insomnia or anxiety, as your mind and body will be able to refresh themselves better.

If you struggle to sleep, spraying some of our Citrus and Lavender Luxury Room Mist in your bedroom could help you settle and drift off better.

Has anti-inflammatory properties

Lavender is also ideal for use on your skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with burns, spots (especially because it is also a natural antiseptic), insect bites and sprains.

It helps to reduce redness and swelling, promoting faster healing and leaving you feeling better in no time. This means that a soak in our Citrus and Lavender Bath Foam could be just the thing to leave your skin looking and feeling healthy.

Pain relief

Not only does lavender help with healing, it also reduces pain. The anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce pain caused by cuts, burns and sprains, while the relaxing results of the fragrances can help with headaches and toothache.

This could mean that simply smelling or soaking in lavender can help you become pain-free and ensure you're feeling better in no time.

To enjoy the health benefits of lavender, explore our Citrus and Lavender range here