How green is your beauty routine?

How green is your beauty routine?

We're always being told about how we need to recycle, use public transport more and turn our lights off when we go to bed to help save our planet. But have you ever given much thought to how your daily beauty routine could be made more environmentally-friendly?

Beauty products aren't always the greenest of goods. They can be mass produced in factories that use chemicals that emit their fumes into the atmosphere, which can increase pollution levels. And if you have a lot of lotions and potions, that can mean a lot of packaging, particularly if that's what draws you into a product in the first place. Not all of this will be recyclable, so won't necessarily be the best for the environment either.

But there are steps that you can take to make your beauty routine greener.

Less is more

We've long been told that less is more when it comes to beauty. Investing in a few good-quality products rather than dozens of lotions means you'll have less packaging to dispose of, making your routine a little greener.

Buying soap by the brick rather than in small bars will mean less waste for your household and you'll be able to enjoy your favourite scent for longer too. Our soap bricks are equivalent in size to 14 smaller soap bars, but they cost the same as just ten, making them better for the environment, and for your purse.

Working up a lather with your soap is another good trick for making it last longer. Try to get as much foamy lather as possible from each wash and you shouldn't need to replace it as often.

Favour natural ingredients

Buying soap by the brick rather than in small bars will mean less waste

At Heyland & Whittle, we pride ourselves on using natural ingredients in our handmade soaps, and in our body scrubs.

With flowers, herbs, spices and ingredients like oatmeal at the centre of our soaps, you can be assured that they aren't giving off any harmful emissions during the manufacturing process and don't contain anything that is likely to irritate sensitive skin.

Natural ingredients can also have great benefits for your skin, like the goat's milk and cocoa butter in our Queen of the Nile Soap Brick that make it incredibly moisturising, and the naturally-healing hemp oil that can be found in our Hemp & Walnut Soap Brick.

Avoid microbeads

Beauty products that are designed to scrub away dry or dead skin can often contain microbeads or other artificial elements that can cause harm to the environment when you rinse yourself off after your bath or shower. Microbeads are set to be banned in products in the UK from the end of this year, as they can pollute the oceans and harm marine wildlife when they make their way to the sea.

We use salt as a natural and more eco-friendly alternative in our Body Scrubs, as it's a sustainable exfoliator that's kind to even sensitive skin types. Our scrubs are available in a range of fruity and floral fragrances from Lily & Ylang Ylang to Greentea and Grapefruit.

All of our scrubs are designed to leave your skin looking and feeling fresh. You'll also be able to enjoy your pamper session properly, relaxing in the knowledge that you aren't contributing towards any unnecessary damage to the environment.

Soap bricks and body scrubs aren't our only products to contain natural ingredients - explore the full Heyland & Whittle collection here