How to care for freckled skin

How to care for freckled skin

Freckled skin is having something of a moment. Freckles have long been associated with natural beauty, but since Meghan Markle walked down the aisle to meet her real-life prince with a gorgeous dusting of uncovered freckles across her face earlier this year, women have been coveting the freckled look.

Some are using make-up to draw on temporary freckles each morning, such is the desire for this look, while others are even going to the extremes of cosmetic procedures to have semi-permanent freckles tattooed onto their faces.

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But for those with natural freckles, the skin can require a little extra specialist care to keep it looking and feeling youthful and smooth. So, which products do those with freckles need to be incorporating into their beauty routines?

Protect freckled skin in the sun

Freckles manifest on the skin when melanin production increases in the cells beneath its surface. This process is exacerbated when the skin is exposed to UV rays from the sun, which is why people's freckles tend to appear more prominent during the summer or when they're on holiday abroad.

Freckles have long been associated with natural beauty

However, this does mean that freckles could be a sign of damage to the skin in some people, so it's important to protect the skin as best as possible from the sun by wearing a high factor sun lotion on your face. The recommended advice is to wear this at all times, not just on sunny days, as even soft rays can damage the skin over time.

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Wearing large sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat will not only help to protect your face from the sun's harsh rays further, but will also keep you looking cool and stylish.

After-sun care for your freckles

Sun-damaged skin can quickly dry out, so it's important to keep your freckled patches as moisturised as possible, using our sweet-smelling Hand Lotion and Body Lotion to keep your skin looking and feeling beautifully nourished and smooth.

If you do find yourself caught out with sunburn and want to avoid the unsightliness of peeling skin, make sure you use one of our Body Scrubs to exfoliate your skin and gently remove any flakes. Our Body Scrubs are made from sea salt and bamboo, featuring only natural ingredients that are kind to your skin.

Try to incorporate these steps into your beauty routine all year round, but remember that they're especially important in the summer months.

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