How to create the perfect summer bath

How to create the perfect summer bath

If you're a fan of a good long soak in the bath, you may wish that the summer season wasn't so warm. Hot weather can make the idea of a relaxing bath seem like a bad one, as there is no way you want to overheat in warm water on a sunny day.

However, baths can be really refreshing during the summer months and can actually help you cool off when the season gets a bit much. Here is our guide to creating the perfect bath for summer so you don't have to miss out on your favourite relaxation method:

Keep the water cool

To start with, it is a good idea to drop the temperature of your water. A steaming bath is great for winter but might leave you feeling too hot and bothered during the height of summer. 

Instead, keep water reasonably lukewarm so it is actually cooling on your skin but not as uncomfortable as totally cold water would be. Ideally, you don't want your bath to be any hotter than a swimming pool, but you also don't want it to be too cold as it will cool further after you're in it.

If you find that the water isn't warm enough for you once you get in the bath, simply run the hot tap for a few minutes to get it to the right temperature.

Open a window

Rising steam can leave your bathroom feeling muggy and overly hot when you're having a bath in the summer, so it is a good idea to introduce a breeze to the room. Open a window once you're ready to get into the bath to help keep the air fresh and slightly cooler.

It is important to remember, though, that cool air will lead to your bath water going cold faster, so you may want to make the water warmer to start with in order to counteract this.

Baths can be really refreshing during the summer months

You can also make the air feel a bit fresher by lighting a citrus scented candle. Something like our Wild Lemongrass hand-poured soy candle will add a light edge to the air while you're enjoying your bath. The scent is also really refreshing so will leave you ready for anything.

Choose the right products

You may love filling your bath with all sorts of lotions and potions, but this isn't necessarily the best option during summer. Not only can strong fragrances or a combination of scents be too heavy when the weather is hot; you may find lots of products used together leave your skin feeling clammy.

This can mean that you feel as though you need a shower shortly after your bath as your skin can feel weighed down and a bit grimy due to the weather. You can avoid this by using a single bath product at a time and sticking to light scents.

A great choice for summer is our Greentea and Grapefruit Foam Bath, which features a beautiful citrus scent that will leave your skin feeling clean and soft. It creates lovely bubbles so you still get the full bath effect but isn't overpowering at all. 

Use effective cleansers

You should also ensure that the cleansing products you're using help to remove dirt, oils and any other products - such as sun cream - that can build up on your skin during summer. It is easier for pores to become blocked during the warmer months, which can result in breakouts, so effective cleansers are important.

Our Traditional Soaps are perfect for summer baths and showers, as they feature natural oils that help to cleanse the skin while also moisturising it without leaving behind any residue. 

Our Citrus Grove soap is particularly great for summer as it is chock full of citrus oils that effectively lift dirt and excess oil from the skin, leaving it clean with just a hint of fresh fragrance.

Now all you have to do is relax in your lovely fresh summer bath and allow it to leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated.

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