How to get glowing summer skin

 How to get glowing summer skin

The summer brings many things with it, but most people are hoping that it will mean a bit of sun. Whether you like to soak up the rays when sunbathing or simply enjoy being outside when the weather is a little brighter, we all have our fingers crossed for sunshine.

One of the great things about sunny weather is that it can make our skin look brighter and healthier. While you can look after your complexion during the autumn and winter months, there is something special about the glow that summer gives it.

However, you can't just let the sun take care of skin and hope for the best results - as well as not getting burnt! There are some steps you should take to ensure your summer skin is the best it can be, allowing it to look healthy and feel fabulous.

Deep exfoliation

You should start off by exfoliating your face and body really well before heading out to soak up the sun. This will remove all dead skin, leaving your body feeling soft and smooth. It also means that the sun has to penetrate fewer layers to start giving you a tan and allow you to achieve a healthy summer glow.

An easy and effective way to exfoliate is to use our Sisal Bag. This comes with traditional soap inside so it foams and softens when wet. Move it in circular motions over your skin for deep but gentle exfoliation. 

You should use this every couple of weeks to stop dead skin building up and making your complexion look dull.

Regular moisturisation

While you don't need to exfoliate every day, you do need to moisturise. Heat, humidity and sun exposure dry your skin out and cause scaly patches to appear that ruin the look of your summer complexion. 

One of the great things about sunny weather is that it can make our skin look brighter and healthier

You should use a Body Lotion at least once a day - ours contain almond oil and vitamin E for deep moisturisation - and face creams in the morning and before bed. This will aid in avoiding dry patches, peeling skin and a dull appearance while helping to prolong the life of your tan and maintain that summer glow.

Keep protected

It is vital that you look after your skin by using SPF protection. This helps to stop UV and UVA rays from damaging the skin, reducing the chances of immediate sunburn and skin cancer later in life. 

As well as applying sun cream before you leave the house, you need to take it with you to put it on throughout the day in order to top up your protection. This is especially important if you are going swimming, as the water will wash some of the cream off.

You may think you'll tan better without sun cream but it will put your health at risk, could cause painful burns and means your skin dries out more easily so your tan won't last. 

Seek some shade

As nice as it is to relax in the sunshine, your skin does need a break from the glare, so be sure you avoid being out in it at the hottest point of the day - usually around midday. This is when the sun is at its highest and brightest so the chances of you getting burned are increased. 

If you're chilling out on the beach or in a park at this time of day, it is a good idea to have a parasol or a light jacket to pop on to help you stay out of the sun while still enjoying being outside.

All of these tips should help you achieve bright and beautiful summer skin while avoiding getting burned.

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