How to have a laidback Christmas Eve

How to have a laidback Christmas Eve

Christmas is not too far away now and whether you’re on top of your to-do list or not, there’s always the potential for December 24th to be somewhat stressful. It’s a shame when that happens, as it’s the beginning of the festivities and helps to set the mood for the next day.

Avoid falling into the same old trap this year by following our simple tips.

Avoid all shops

It doesn’t matter whether it’s last-minute gifts or food shopping ahead of the big day, it’s simply not a good idea to hit the shops on Christmas Eve. The high street and the supermarkets will be chock full of people desperately trying to make decisions quickly and that stress is bound to rub off on you, even if you just popped in for one little thing.

Act now!

Have a relaxing Christmas Eve ahead of the big day by being organised, getting jobs done in advance and planning some downtime.

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Wrapping Christmas presents

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Everything all wrapped up

Never underestimate how long it takes to wrap up presents, because it’s a hugely time-consuming job. Most Christmasses, you’ve probably still been surrounded by rolls of paper, bobbins of ribbon and unwritten gift tags late into the evening when all you wanted to do is curl up with your loved ones and a glass of mulled wine. Our advice is to have several smaller gift wrapping sessions instead of one overwhelmingly large one.

Have a plan

It’s inevitable there will be some tasks you need to carry out on Christmas Eve, such as prepping part of the meal, to ensure the next day goes smoothly, but try and keep these to a minimum. If you can make any items in advance and store them for a week in the freezer or a cool part of the house, you’re setting yourself up to succeed. Otherwise, share out these tasks between the family and get them out of the way as early on Christmas Eve as possible.

Popcorn and a hot drink by the fire

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Enjoy some downtime

Christmas Day itself will likely be a whirl of welcoming guests, opening presents, serving dinner and enjoying a festive tipple or two, so be kind to yourself the day before. Plan some downtime for yourself, with a loved one or for the whole family. Christmas films are a great way to set the mood and relax before the chaos begins. A snuggly blanket, a Scented Candle, festive drinks and some tasty snacks are all recommended to make you feel calm yet Christmassy.

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