How to have the perfect bath

How to have the perfect bath

When it comes to relaxing, nothing helps you unwind quite like a nice hot bath, especially when the autumn weather is raging outside. Not only can a bath help your muscles to rest, it can also help you feel a lot warmer, sleep better and generally feel better.

But enjoying a bath isn't simply all about running water into the tub, there are ways you can make it even better in order to get as many benefits out of it as possible. Knowing exactly how to get the most out of your bath will ensure you enjoy all that is has to offer your health - which you can read about here.

To help you enjoy the perfect bath this season, here's what you need to know:

Tidy your bathroom

It's hard to relax in a room that's filled with clutter. Whether you have too many cosmetics or there are children's toys scattered all over the place, a messy bathroom doesn't really allow you to unwind.

Doing a quick tidy up and getting rid of anything that doesn't need to be there before you start running your bath can make all the difference and ensure you aren't rushing around sorting things out when the water is ready. Even popping most things out of sight from where you'll be laying in the bath can make all the difference.

Make it slightly too hot

To start with, when you're deciding on the temperature of your bath, it is a good idea to make it just slightly hotter than you might like. This is because the water will cool in the tub, even as you're running it and more so when you get in the bath, especially if the room is fairly cold.

If you like a good long soak, making the water exactly the right temperature means that you'll soon find it is too cold. While you can top up the hot water a little bit once you're in the water, it's best off to make it warmer in the first place.

Fill it up

Enjoying a bath isn't simply all about running water into the tub

The only thing worse than a cold bath is an underfilled one. You should make sure your bath is filled enough to cover most of you when you're lying down in it, especially during autumn when you're skin is likely to get cold quickly when it's wet.

Of course, you shouldn't overfill it either, as this can cause a bit of a flood when you move or when you get in the water, which will undo the relaxing nature of your bath!

Time your products right

When you're adding bath products to the water, you want to be sure you get the most out of them. Whether you're using foam bath to create mounds of soft bubbles or bath melts to result in moisturising and fragranced water, knowing when to add these to the water will make all the difference.

Ideally, you should add your bath products just as you've started to run the water, as this will allow them to mix with it fully or melt completely before it's time to get in.

Foam bath creates bubbles due to the movement of the water so be sure to pour it in the bath where the water runs in order to get the best results. You can also use your hands to swish the water for more bubbles and to spread them out a bit.

While your bath melt will simply melt away in hot water, it is a good idea to drop it near your taps so the shea butter disperses throughout the tub as the water fills it. This will also give you a lovely scattering of petals.

Create an atmosphere

The finishing touch to your bath is the atmosphere you create in the room. As baths are meant to be relaxing, you want to be sure your bathroom mirrors this. 

A great way to create a relaxing atmosphere is to light a candle or two, as the soft glow of candlelight will help you to unwind even more. Pick a scented candle that matches or complements the other products you're using and your bathroom will smell amazing too.

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